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Unread Media and Montgomery Fitch in Ulaanbaatar present the first edition of SMW Ulaanbaatar, a new conference aimed at experts on media, marketing and technology, to provide a broader discussion on social media and to promote positive and effective social and community awareness in the environment.

For two days, attendees will be able to find interesting and effective information on social media as well as participating in various seminars and lectures prepared by various experts.

We spoke with their team about the upcoming event, what sessions they are most excited about, and some of the topics they will discuss during the week.

What do you think will be the most important attendee takeaways from your city’s SMW conference?

For our first year of SMW, we will bring Ulaanbaatar’s leading communication and marketing agencies and influential people together, featuring an interesting array of digital trends, know-hows and interactive sessions. Mongolia, one of the world’s last remaining nomadic cultures, is also undergoing a rapid technological and social transformation. Staying up-to-date with recent happenings and trends in social media is now not an option, but is a necessity. it is critically important that we also know how to utilize and make the most of these changes for better.

What are some sessions that your team is excited about?

At SMW Ulaanbaatar, we have specifically designed a programme with a strong emphasis on interactive sessions and masterclasses including workshops on social media literacy, content creation, using main social media platforms for business, and many more. These hyper-focused interactive sessions, led by expert industry leaders, will take place over several locations at the same time throughout the city.

Moving forward: The new era of social media marketing – Social media is constantly changing, growing, and upgrading. In this ever-evolving social landscape, it can be difficult for brands and companies to keep up. What opportunities lay ahead for brands, agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs? What challenges do we need to prepare for as the social trend continues to change? How can companies promote their vision clearly and also to the right audience? Here at SMW Ulaanbaatar, our invited experts and guests will walk us through the latest changes and give us a forecast for social media trends, providing insights which will help individuals and companies successfully broadcast their brand in this era of uncertainty and complexity.

The power of LinkedIn and social selling – One of our most exciting and anticipated session will be with international guests from LinkedIn. With over 500M members and 7M companies, Linkedin is now one of the most influential social media networks on the internet. During this session, our attendees will learn the importance of LinkedIn and how to build a professional and personal brand on the platform, also learning to use it to leverage and connect to customers and potential employees.

How do your overall agenda tie into this year’s global theme?

SMW Ulaanbaatar is aligning with the 2018 global theme of celebrating human connectivity and the power technology provides in bringing communities closer together. The main objective of our first year is to encourage our community to work “Closer” to help build digital and tech sector of Ulaanbaatar, and foster collaboration between attendees and speakers, connecting on and offline and building the network. We seek to share how social media and technology are changing businesses and societies locally and as well globally, at the same time connecting and bringing us closer.

Which partners or brands are you most excited to be working with this year?

HUB Innovation Center, the newest and the most exciting coworking center in Mongolia will be an event and venue partner for SMW Ulaanbaatar, helping connect the social experts and entrepreneurs together.

Together with our partners from Montgomery Fitch, we are very excited to be welcoming incredibly diverse panelists and experts in social media and marketing, including professionals from Linkedin, allowing attendees gain access to rare information on the state and future of social media in Asian region.

What are some local trends you are seeing in your market?

The way people exchange information and connect is changing faster than ever before. Social media’s growth has been flourishing in Mongolia, and it is expected to continue. Young people are starting to realize and harness the power of social media platforms and are integrating them in almost every aspect of their lives, which makes SMW event truly timely.

We’re seeing a lot of conversation centered around social chatbots, Facebook live streaming, stories, e-commerce, podcasts, video contents and recent changes implemented by social media platforms and its effect on the future state of social marketing.

What are some of the key questions that will be addressed during your edition of SMW?

With the rise of accessible technology and the growing use of social media, changes in lifestyle are almost inevitable. Key questions to be addressed at SMW Ulaanbaatar are:

  • What are the behaviors of Mongolian social media users?
  • How to create contents that grab people’s attention as a content creator and marketer?
  • How to identify key trends in social media?
  • How to create an effective email marketing and write emails that will optimize email performance
  • What’s the role of social influencers and what constitutes a social influencer?
  • What are the tips and tricks for staying ahead of the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other tools?
  • How to use social media to grow your brand/business locally and overseas?
  • How to best make use of the fast-changing technology?

Where can potential attendees get news and updates about your conference?

We would love to get connected with SMW community and attendees. If there are any questions, comments or you would simply like to get in touch, please feel free to reach out to us.

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