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Why it’s more important now than ever for marketers to understand Gen Z.

Knowing how to navigate your way through Millennials’ minds is not enough — now is the Gen Z era, and brands are struggling to catch up.

Born into an age when internet technology is readily available, this demographic cohort is generally comfortable with social media, and marketers as still trying to figure out their habits — from their favorite platforms for music, to their stand on political issues, etc.

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According to a 2016 Bluecore survey, 85 percent of Gen Z users learn about new products through social platforms. As this consumer base continues to grow, marketers need to come up with strategies specially catered to this generation in order to stay at the forefront.

To start making the change, get into the minds of the next generation of consumers with branded video company MOFILM’s social division. In session Gen Z: What Do Tomorrow’s Creators Think About the Future of Social Content?, leaders Charlotte Dixon and Shannon Maclean Arnott will walk you through the characteristics and expectations of Gen Z, based on their experience working with a global network of Gen Zers on creating content.

Next stop, Wavemaker will be sharing the right way to engage Gen Z at Fighting the Dopamine Drip: How Brands Can Overcome Our Shortening Attention Spans, as Head of Digital Engagement Dom Whitehurst analyzes the behaviors of a generation characterized by short attention span, and how marketers can win them back by optimizing their content in a radically different way.

To wrap it up, Oliver Yonchev from Social Chain walks you through what not to do in marketing to Gen Z at How To Win the Hearts and Minds of the Generation That Expects It All, and how to maximize users’ satisfaction with what Gen Z expect to see on social platforms.

With our lineup of experts in sessions on marketing your brands to Gen Z, there’s no reason to be intimidated by the next generation of content consumers. Make sure you won’t be missing out on these by checking out our full agenda and speaker slate on

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