Content, Platform, and Format: BuzzMyVideos Shares The Key Trends Shaping Digital Media



BuzzMyVideos’ Co-Founder and Director Bengu Atamer on the current trends in online videos, and what techniques can digital stakeholders use to stay ahead of the game.


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Online video is changing at its most rapid pace, and marketers’ main challenge is to be on top of many video trends both locally and globally. But first, how much do you know about online videos?

With over 10 years of online video experience and a former YouTube Head of Audience Development, Bengu Atamer, Co-Founder and Director of BuzzMyVideos, spoke at Social Media Week London 2018 about the current trends of online videos and showed the audience techniques on how to stay ahead of the game.

Trends driven by content

According to Atamer, the big bang of everything that we are seeing now in digital media, is User Generated Content, also known as UGC. She thinks UGC is a key component of today’s video trends.

“With UGC, we started to be the creator of content, and be in the content itself. That opens up a new dimension,” said Atamer.

That is also why paying close attention to UGC is smart in helping to generate future viral content. “If you follow key influencers, you will be able to understand what will be trending in the future, and potentially use that in your content as well,” said Atamer.

Trends driven by platform and discoverability

Atamer emphasized on the importance of customizing content according to platforms. For example, YouTube is a platform that is driven by search, so although recently, silent videos have become a trend, it wouldn’t work for YouTube because it doesn’t suit the characteristics of this platform.

And with the improvement made in technology and mobile, platform has driven videos to another level. “Knowing where and who your content is coming from, you can now tag people and add location, which is another step forward — it’s augmented with filters and tagged with information, and it’s engaging and informational,” said Atamer.

Trend driven by format

According to Atamer, though we were used to viewing videos horizontally, now with the arrival of mobile, viewing vertically has become the trend, and brands are needed to get used to that.

The other two important branches are live content as well as augmented content. With live streaming, vertical content is taken to another level by being able to interact with viewers and creating an immersive experience; with augmented content, like face filters, which add metadata to videos, the future is becoming even more interactive.

Knowing what trends in videos are driven by, is as important as knowing the space that content lives in. There are trends happening on a global scale and local scale, and more often than not, they interact with each other and create content that’s a mix of both.

And only when brands and agencies keep an eye on the scale that videos live in, and what trends are driven by in real-time, will they be able to succeed in this ever-changing video landscape.

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