Dr Geraint Evans: It’s Time to Rethink Our Social Selves



At SMWLDN, Dr. Geraint Evans explored how we differ in terms of behavior online and offline.


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Marketers and social media practitioners are constantly trying to cut through, to maximize their increasingly stretched spend, hoping that one day, their ideas will be the ones that go viral. However, do they know who they are targeting? And with the immersion of internet and mobiles into our everyday lives, people can be different people across various social media platforms — so, who exactly are we?

In this interactive session at Social Media Week London 2018, Dr. Geraint Evans, an award-winning marketing professional, writer, and presenter, encouraged audiences to find the answers to these questions by exploring them together.

Smartphone and social media are changing real life

We live in an era where people grow to be unwilling to give up smartphones and the internet, according to Evans.

He cited a study by Tappable, which surveyed on more than 500 millennials, on how much they are willing to give up for their smartphones. The result is shocking — 10 percent of them are willing to lose a finger, and 38 percent of them would give up drinking for their phones.

Nowadays, there is so much that people can do with just their smartphones. More content is popping up every second; things change quickly, so are people’s judgment — research shows that it only takes 0.05 second for users to form an opinion about a certain website.

Our habits have changed with the evolution of technology. According to Evans, the smartphone is now our preferred device for accessing the internet, even when we are at home. Shockingly, 40 percent of adults first look at their phones within five minutes of waking up.

So…who are we?

Evans drove the session forward through a Q&A, where he actively encouraged the audience to participate and reflect on themselves.

Among the questions asked are:

  • How much did you fake your reaction to the World Cup?
  • How close is your true self to your social portrayed self?
  • How many versions of images/videos do you have to take before you post on social?
  • Did you lie about how you voted on Brexit, both online and in person because you felt pressured to do so?
    • Some last things to ponder…

      Evans ended the session with some key takeaways he hoped audience have gotten out of the many questions asked and stats shared.

      First, it’s time to really understand your consumers’ behaviors on social media. This can be accomplished by:

      • Doing more testing and observation
      • More investment in analytics
      • So much more resources
      • Reflection on your research and sentiment

      Second, study, learn and review every single week.

      Lastly, constantly analyze examples of “best” practices in social media.

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