How to Extract Value Out of Every Piece of Content by Getting to the Core of Relevancy



At SMWLDN, Jason Miller shared how LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing.


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Every customer journey online starts with a search engine, asking a question. The search results appear you click on a relevant link and your problem is solved. You might even make a purchase. Simple!

Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s head of content and social media, asked himself if this could also be applied to B2B marketing. At Social Media Week London, and on his final day working for LinkedIn, he shared the answer in terms of how LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing.

Miller shared the story of one piece of content produced for LinkedIn marketing solutions and how they extract every ounce of value out of every piece of content they produce.

No more original ideas

Since there are no original ideas anymore, Miller suggested that you don’t try to reinvent the while, just find something cool and add your own spin.

As a photographer, Miller searched for a book on photography and found exactly what he was looking for.

He describes this as ‘the core of relevance’.

Miller took the typographical style of the photography book and, after checking with the legal team, created a series of ebooks:

  • Read me if you want to advertise better on LinkedIn
  • Read me if you want to drive more leads using Linkedin
  • Read me if you want to drive brand awareness using LinkedIn

The theory behind this objective based content, with all creativity stripped out from the cover, is that you can see exactly what’s involved and click if it’s what you need. The audience will pre-qualify themselves as soon as the click (and see the creativity on the insider).

Test and reiterate

Miller describes how they created 15-second video teasers for the e-books, confirming that there’s no such thing as snackable content (content that’s consumed in 8 seconds or less) – because it’s too short.

The next steps of the programme all highlight the importance of A/B testing, focus on measuring conversion and extrapolating results to other campaigns.

  1. Use sponsored content – engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed and in premium placements beyond
  2. Test carousel ads vs sponsored content. For text-based ads, testing color, LinkedIn achieved 36% higher CTR, 33.3% higher engagement rate and 21% higher quality score with carousel ads versus sponsored content.
  3. Direct sponsored content – this is content that goes into the feed only to the audience you are targeting and can be highly personalized. Here a bright background to the text-based ad showed a higher CTR (40%) and lift in engagement (30%).
  4. Use Sponsored InMails – these offer 100% deliverability rate and a 60-day window of opportunity to reach your target audience (LinkedIn members can only receive one Sponsored InMail every 60 days).
  5. Run sponsored content and InMail together
  6. Localise the best performing content for local/regional audiences. LinkedIn’s campaign, translated 3 blogs posts into French, German and Spanish, published it organically into the feed achieved 180k page views and 10-minute average time on site.

Shared content is more credible content

Miller concluded the fast-paced presentation by highlighting the importance of amplifying content even further by activating employees to share to their own networks.

  • Employees’ combined connections on social networks are, on average, 10x larger than a company’s followers
  • Only 3% of employees share content, yet they generate 30% of all content engagement for a typical business
  • Employees get 2x higher CTRs from their shares, compares to company shares of the same content
  • Every 6 pieces of content an employee shares on LinkedIn influences 6 job views, 3 company page views, 1 company page follower, 6 profile views and 2 new connections

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