How to Work “Within a Walled Garden” When Measuring Paid Social



At SMWLDN, Anthony Macro, Head of Social Advertising at Croud, gave advice on how to navigate a data-driven word with limitations.

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What is the value of an impression? It’s a ginormous question and one that differs on a brand by brand basis. Thanks to factors such us GDPR and Cambridge Analytica among others, the landscape on which we measure data that depicts impact. Facebook and Google took up 63.1% of US digital ad revenue in 2017 and there is expected to grow further in the next two years but now, with more data than ever, it is becoming less and less accessible to third parties.

Anthony Macro offered an insight into how to work within a walled garden comfortably. He broke it down to tools and techniques, a mass data epidemic and contemplated change.

Tools and Techniques

Whilst you can’t maneuver Walled Gardens (they’re pretty tall stealthy like in The Maze Runner), you can incorporate a few techniques to get by comfortably.

Macro mentioned making an effort to align the attribution window, apply existing signals from other channels and adopting an internal tool, such as BETA provided by a platform.

A coping mechanism and idea is stripping out impressions by assuming they don’t count, so CPA steps up. Perhaps by limiting your pragmatic display to your social, you could get the same effect [in results]. Macro also urges to partake in brand and conversion lift studies.

Data Overload

Did you know that there are currently 100 metrics available for selection in Facebook to judge your activity? That’s essentially like 100 different languages. “There is a lot of data to be counted and not everything can be counted,” Macro reiterated – it goes without saying, “If your not distributing content, obviously don’t track a landing code.”

He spoke of looking at data in a different way in order to subtract from the pressure of an impression. “What’s to say these users wouldn’t have been converted anyway?”

A Change Will Come… But Not Soon

When it comes to a walled garden, change is unlikely to happen in the near significant future. You need an independent third party – to break down data – and Macro is dubious it’ll exist anytime soon. “Justify your spend on what you and your team are happy to work towards. Just start applying and doing what works for you and your business.”

Croud exercises a lot of the native tools but each individual business should have roadmaps and talk to others. It’s obvious the key is to communicate and apply. “There is no magic formula. Use the information at your disposal and the align on a sensible point,” Macro finished.

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