Keeping Up With The Trends: What’s Right For Your Brand?



At SMWLDN, Kieley Taylor, Managing Partner and Head of Global Social at GroupM, gave advice on how to identify the movements that matter for your brand.

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We all want to be in the know. It’s human nature – through fear of missing out and the desire to have and to be the next best thing, we gave birth to the business-boosting and abolishing baby called trend.

At Social Media Week London 2018, Kieley Taylor stepped forward with a bold statement. “Today’s consumers are on demanding,” she quipped, “I am on demanding.”

Today’s tech and social media tools make demands easier and more accessible and reduce the “small talk” and transactions. Taylor wanted the likes of clerks when flying, for example, to know everything about her so she was not compelled to partake in providing a back catalog of information prior to her flight.

She took her fundamental desire and constructed universal demands in order to decipher key components and trends for brands to take into account.

Touch and Feel

Brands must consider that consumers want an immersive experience. Seeing is simply not enough anymore. Recently, IKEA implicated augmented reality and Facebook allows us to access BTS videos on fashion, music and 360-degree footage.

When generating content of this nature, it’s important to consider the cost of production, KPIs and the danger of fraud. Partners are overlooked in this case as they’re an effective way of generating immersive and diverse content to consume.

Super Sonic Boom

Voices are alleviating and authentic and there is nothing more direct and definite than the sound of one. Consumers want to be listened to. Taylor said that voice has become a new communication channel, not a campaign. Listening to voices allow brands the opportunity to launch organically, as well as, leave room to be discovered naturally. Listening to voices also helps develop a re-engagement strategy prior to any action taken.

Out With The Old, In With The New

SEO is your best friend. So is Google Analytics. Consumers are using more unconventional ways to search for want they want – for example, Pinterest to create aesthetically pleasing marble table collages and oak furniture montages for when they’re redecorating (or just like oak). Taylor enforced how vital it is to identify what site drives the most traffic to yours in order to understand how your audience discovers.

Right Here, Right Now

It’s not that humans are lazy. We just like as little fuss as possible. Which is why apps such as Dominos have in the past sent pizzas to consumers with a click of a pizza emoji. Brands must stay authentic, but in some cases, a messaging system and bots can help.

However, she left solidifying an ideal timeline for brands. “Start with an objective, then an audience, contemplate actions, what your content is built for, how it’s going to be distributed and then measured.” One notion loudly echoed throughout: keep the ethos of the brand.

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