Why Video is the Most Effective Way to Speak to Your Audience



At SMWLDN, Bolding shared the new model of creating valuable content, by working in partnership with brands to bring. more value to an audience.

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Branded content may still be a new way of advertising but, in video format shared via social media, it is the most effective way to speak to your audience… according to Jamie Bolding, Founder and CEO Jungle Creations.

At Social Media Week London, Bolding shared the new model of creating valuable content, by working in partnership with brands to bring. more value to an audience.

Traditionally, ads are placed around valuable content to fund the creation of more valuable content to carry on growing an audience. Paywalls, merchandise, e-commerce and events are used to drive new business and convert audiences into customers.

Branded content, however, has unparalleled reach with genuine engagement and is the most effective form of advertising when done right.

Use data to find what an audience wants

Bolding highlighted how to use data to find what an audience wants, and to use the data to find the right branded content partners to work with.

“It’s a great way of putting a brand front of mind without putting off an audience. It builds conversation as well. It’s a fun and social way to integrate a brand.”

Find a product that will convert to sales

Bolding highlighted the need to work with a brand to understand their objectives and help them to achieve their goals. When you’ve identified an opportunity, you need to find a product that will help convert to sales, and Bolding shared an example of a desktop punch bag product used in a storyline about stresses at work.

“The right video and right storyline about the product put together, will convert to sales.”


Passionate about the use of social video for audience engagement, Bolding summarised with three top tips:

  1. The data and knowledge you have on your audience will always be your most valuable asset.
  2. Video is the number one most effective way to speak to your audience. Use data to drive your video strategy.
  3. Branded content is step 1, but there is so much more potential in the low barrier to entry world.

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