Best Practices to Drive Growth Using LinkedIn Pages



LinkedIn Pages creates many new opportunities for brands to better engage with communities and drive business growth. Here are four best practices on how you can achieve that.

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When it comes to engaging communities, LinkedIn has made some latest efforts to make sure that brands do succeed. Recently, this professional networking platform introduced LinkedIn Pages, which was previously known as LinkedIn Company Pages, adding more features and tools for brands and agencies to better engage with their followers.

For marketers, this is a brand new opportunity to drive audience engagement. Below, we’ve summed up some best practices you can use to take full advantage of LinkedIn Pages.

Time to think more seriously about LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn Videos hasn’t been a mainstream concept — until now. According to the platform, LinkedIn Video is 5x more likely than any other content to start a conversation. Brands are encouraged to always include some sort of rich media in posts, as well as posting as frequently as possible. Companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.

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These videos don’t even have to all be beautifully shot and nicely edited. We are living in a digital age where viewers value authenticity and relatability, so aim for videos that are honest, fun and straightforward. It will be a perfect chance to connect with your community using a unique but easy-to-approach tone.

However, note that there are some basic principles to follow when it comes to social video production. For example, social videos are better when short. One to two minutes should be enough, but remember to grasp viewers’ attention in the first few seconds; evident from Instagram Stories, many viewers watch videos with sound off, so proper subtitles and graphics will always help deliver important messages.

Complete your pages — it’s as simple as that

This might sound like an obvious mistake, but many brands do still fall for it — not completing their pages.

Companies with complete information get 30% more weekly views, so do take some time to fill out all the blanks.

An important note on the description section: do you know that LinkedIn members can filter their search by keywords? Including well thought-through and relevant keywords in your company’s description can help members get to you more easily, so think about what are the mission, purpose, and focus of your brand, and write all that down carefully.

Make smart use of your Call-to-Action

Brands for sure would want as many visits to their LinkedIn Pages as possible, but do also think beyond that. Your page is also a platform to redirect audience, and lead them toward ideal actions.

Image via LinkedIn

Whether it’s adding an action button to your homepage, or adding links to every blog post, customized Call-to-Action is a chance to optimize your campaigns. These actions can be as simple as a link to your company’s website, or asking followers to repost with their thoughts and comments. This creates a simple but effective connection with customers, for them to have meaningful engagement with brands.

Use social analytics and data to make better decisions

Among the many newly added features for LinkedIn Pages, analytics tools and data-powered suggestions are what brands should truly look into and educate page admins with.

One of the most interesting features, Content Suggestions, allows brands to discover trending topics among their audience, filter through options, and share recommended content with target audience.

Image via linkedIn

Pages admins can also access a metrics platform, where they can look up page views over a custom period of time, to analyze a specific campaign. These pieces of data can show admins what types of content their followers are engaged with. Admins can thus use this information to make more informed decisions on their content and campaigns.

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