Here’s How to Make Your 2018 Instagram Top Nine Collage



The app Top Nine will help you generate your top nine Instagram photos collage within seconds.

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We are officially less than three weeks away from the new year, and to honor 2018, what better than reflecting on some of your most memorable moments on Instagram?

Now, here’s an app that makes everything easy like a breeze. Top Nine, a free-for-download collage app that helps users collect their most liked photos throughout the past year, and put them all into one nine-photo collage square-image ready-made for sharing on Instagram.

You can either use the app or go to their website, and all you need to do is type in your Instagram handle and email address. You will then see the collage both on the app and via email, which is ready to be downloaded and shared to Instagram.

The finish page not only shows you the photo itself but how many likes you’ve gotten collectively. You will also know other information like how many photos you’ve posted, and how many likes you have for each post on average.

Top Nine also offers the option to make your chosen Instagram posts into merchandise like phone cases, tote bags, pillows, etc.

Give it a shot before the year ends!

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