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With new tools such as Dynamic Facebook Videos, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads and personalized videos, your can match the best content with the right audience.


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International corporations, small businesses, influencers and bloggers use social media to connect with their target audience. As a result, the content is developed to reach the many rather than the few, and people start tuning out the noise of these messages.

With new tools such as Dynamic Facebook Videos, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads and personalized videos, your content can rise above the fray and connect with people who want to hear what you have to say.

Personalized Content Brings Results

People love to feel special and personalized engagement meets that need. According to a study by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. The benefits of personalization include increased conversion rates, improved customer experience, and increased visitor engagement.

Initially, personalized content was email-based and is successful if the content is relevant to the recipient and goes beyond just putting the right name in the correct place. Today a personalized experience is shifted to a consumer expectation and there are more opportunities than ever to engage your target audience on this level.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads

Facebook’s dynamic ads allow marketers and advertiser to automatically deliver video, images, product descriptions and more to people who have viewed their pages, and based on those viewer’s profiles. This process allows marketers to target limitless audience groups and showcase the information, products or services most relevant to them. Facebook’s dynamic ads also show ads to others users who are most likely to purchase a specific product or service which helps businesses find new leads and retarget past buyers for cross-selling, up-selling, and reminder purposes. The site has also spruced up its dynamic ads with updates specifically timed to support advertises during the holiday shopping season.

While the dynamic ads are a powerful business tool, the question is will they continue to be so? A Pew Research states that 26% of polled adults have deleted the Facebook app from their phones. The study doesn’t say why the app was deleted or if the adults still access the platform on other devices, so this statistic alone isn’t helpful. Facebook still retains a daily active user base of 185 million, which is enough to keep every marketer happy.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

LinkedIn has allowed users the ability to use dynamic ads, but it was only available by paying their experts to design them. However, the site recently made their key templates and formats available on a self-serve basis, with similar features and tools as Facebook’s program.  Using publicly available profile information and accessed through the site’s Campaign Manager platform, it allows advertisers to use it’s A/B testing and other analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns.

B2B advertising is highly effective on LinkedIn because the site has 61 million senior-level influences and 40 million decision makers using the site. Content marketing and other campaigns have more impact because engagement is made with the people who have the authority to make purchases and select vendors. With dynamic ads, personalized and relevant information is more likely to reach the right people.

Personalized Videos and Social Media

Videos are now accessed on nearly every social media platform, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, and personalized marketing videos segments assure that the content has the greatest impact possible. The key to success is knowing the target audience and which platforms they prefer. Use data to segment the target audience via products and interests, which allows videos to be produced that delivers relevant and engaging content specifically to them. A truly comprehensive personalized video campaign will include different videos for each primary social media platform to boost excitement, interest, and sales. The results can increase conversions by over 50%.

Between 20016 and 2017, views of branded video content have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. A video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet.  According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch online videos each week and 55% view online videos each day. For these reasons, videos now comprise an entire marketing and advertisement strategy for many businesses. To be meaningful and deliver the best results, the focus isn’t to reach everyone but to connect with and engage those people most likely to purchase your products and services.

Getting it Done

Both Facebook and LinkedIn allow companies to create their own dynamic ads, and there are many online video marketing courses and resources available to anyone who wants to do the work themselves. For the less tech-savvy or anyone simply too busy to manage the process themselves, there are several businesses that can help you get the job done, and have it done right, including VSM New Media, Idomoo, and VocalCom. Whichever avenue is chosen, make sure the content is consumer-centric and delivers dynamic engagement.

Bottom Line

Video advertising on social media has gone from the next best thing to the current great option, and it will only continue to grow. There is now an understanding that getting the most likes and views is not important. Connecting with those who find the content relevant is what matters because it results in conversions, which is what personalized video advertising is all about.

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