How To Create Engaging Social Videos With Splasheo



Optimized social video isn’t always easy to get right. Splasheo wants to change that.


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Video content is in high demand for social, largely for its ability to help tell a story in a relatable and evocative way. And by this point, we’re sure you know how we feel about stories. But, it’s not always easy to get right. Preferred aspect ratios vary across platforms, editing can be challenging to do well and at the pace that keeps us competitive, and closed captioning is needed for video watched without sound or by hearing-impaired viewers. Splasheo has managed to take all those challenges, and address them in a slick and intuitive way.

What Size Should It Be, Again?

Creating videos for social on Splasheo starts by selecting a targeted aspect ratio, optimized for your desired platform. You can create square, horizontal, or vertical videos, expressly designed to work on mobile—but not at the expense of the desktop experience. By working with templates, you can ensure the video will fit neatly into the feed of the targeted platform…minimizing distraction and allowing you to highlight your brand.

Editing Made Easy

Many of us love the idea of creating mobile content, but dread the editing process that is essential for high-quality results. Splasheo seems to have solved that issue, making it easy for you to add your company’s logo, embed your brand’s colors or a call to action, and promising to “take care of the rest” once you’ve selected a template and uploaded a file. With a 48 hour turnaround, they’ve got the expertise and capacity to do the editing that would likely take your team far longer.

Worry-Free Captioning and Transcripts

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, which means you need another way to tell your story if you want to ensure your content fully reaches every viewer who comes across it. For most of us, captioning can address this reality…but it is challenging and time-consuming to do. This may be the most attractive feature of Splasheo. The videos they create on your behalf are transcribed, and with captions “burned into” them. This way, the captions look the same no matter where your video ends up. Further, you have access to transcripts, should viewers or prospective clients ever need them.

Splasheo has clearly identified the biggest gaps in the video creation process, and has responded with a service that fills them in nicely. The comprehensive nature with which they handle these challenges for you, make it well worth its price tag.

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