#SMWNYC Preliminary Agenda Is Live!



Evolution of Storytelling, The Influencer Equation and Data Driven Decision Making are just some of the programming tracks covered in today’s preliminary agenda announcement.


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Our preliminary agenda for Social Media Week New York 2019 (April 30-May 2) is live, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you!

Featuring insight from professionals with Salesforce, Postmates, Refinery29, Adobe, and many more, consider this your first look at curated lineup of speakers and sessions dedicated to unlocking the power of “STORIES”, our 2019 global theme.

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In addition to our previously announced featured speakers, here’s a preview of our spring event in New York City:

View the full agenda and latest speakers here.

AI and Social Media: How We are No Longer In Control

Artificial Intelligence is bridging the gap between science and execution and there are more ways than ever to integrate AI into marketing and social media campaigns. But what happens when we are no longer in control? Whether you like it or not, AI is coming for your job.

During this session, Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain Group, will discuss how you can avoid this threat and maneuver its power to your advantage.

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Why We Don’t Care About Facebook, and Never Did

Dotdash was recently named Digiday’s Publisher of the Year and just surpassed $100M in revenue, but when it comes to social media, the digital publisher doesn’t solely focus on the traffic it generates from social media networks like Facebook.

In this fireside conversation, Neil will share how he and his team have been able to scale its digital publishing business in an era where being “social first” is considered the only path to success. For them, what matters most is making the best content, on the fastest-sites with the most respectful advertising.

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How to Drive Business by Cultivating Influencer Relationships

Social media influencers can significantly affect your organization’s reach and reputation. In fact, Forrester Research reports that just 13% of U.S. adults account for 80% of influential content online. In this talk, Rani Mani, Head of Global Social Influencer Enablement, will illuminate how Adobe built and sustained ongoing influencer programs that help organizations succeed—and how you can, too.

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Successful Video Marketing: Inspiration, Trends & Best Practices for Storytelling on Social

When it comes to social media, successful storytelling is visual storytelling. And, video is the most compelling way to tell a striking, visual story. So, how do you create share-worthy social videos that tell a story, while connecting your audience in a genuine way? Hint: You already have everything you need. Figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Join Jason Hsiao, Chief Video Officer and Co-founder of Animoto, to learn actionable tips and best practices that draw viewers in on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that brands and influencers swear by.

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Keeping up with the FTC: The Future of Influencer Marketing and the Related Developing Laws

Influencer marketing is slated to become a $5 to $10 billion business over the next five years. In recent years, the marketing industry watched as this practice not only grew in popularity but became the main focus of regulatory and self-regulatory concern, as both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the National Advertising Division (NAD) became particularly active in issuing guidance and bringing actions on the topic. As we garner more concrete legal guidance from the controlling legal authorities, everyday best practices can finally begin to take shape.

This panel focuses not only on the new specific rules governing influencers, but also hears perspectives from key stakeholders working inside the business, and influencers themselves, on what industry can practically do to run a compliant – but cutting edge – modern marketing campaign.

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The Evolution of Consumer-Driven Storytelling

In a world where having a direct relationship with your customer is table stakes, understanding how to evolve the way you build your brand and tell your story is a must. Brands that are successful have learned how to develop storylines that are consumer-led, data-driven and rooted in meaningful consumer truths.

Eric Edge, SVP, Brand & Communications of Postmates will discuss in a fireside conversation how successful brands are paving the way for this best-in-class storytelling technique, and will provide actionable takeaways on how the audience can adapt to have a challenger-brand mindset and drive results.

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If you join us in New York, you should also keep an eye out for:

  • “Why Purpose is More than a Buzzword,” a how-to session from on how to understand purpose as a way to attract GenZ consumers
  • “6 Seconds or Bust,” an interactive workshop with NBCUniversal demonstrating how to create “snackable” and engaging short-form content
  • “What Marketers Can Learn from the “Rest of the World,” GroupM’s Partner & Global Head on how to better inform global communications with social media.
  • “Taking Responsibility for Fake News,” a session that explores the very human reasons we fall for fake news and how to avoid perpetuating this phenomenon
  • And much, much more!

Explore the full agenda and featured speakers, and to register at 20% off before our next price increase on Friday, January 18th!

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