6 New (and Improved) Facebook Retargeting Ideas to Boost Your Brand’s Marketing



Here are some new ways you can take advantage of the retargeting options available to you.


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Is your remarketing getting the results you’re looking for on Facebook?

No matter how good you’re doing, you could be doing better. Facebook is constantly evolving, and given its recent struggles with public image and algorithm changes, you have to stay constantly on top of any changes.

Targeting people who’ve engaged with your content or your business before is a time-honored and proven marketing strategy, even pre-web. Online retargeting first began to be a thing with the advent of the cookie, a piece of data stored on a user’s machine that could relay information back to a site owner.

Today, online retargeting is one of the most common tactics in a marketer’s tool box, and one that most users are fine with. Thirty percent of all users appreciate retargeting, and only eleven percent object.

Facebook has had a rough few months, but it’s still one of the platforms of choice for most marketing professionals. Its robust tools and user data make it a great choice for anyone trying to reach a potential audience. If you’re trying to retarget users through Facebook, it’s an extremely useful platform—and there are some new ways you can take advantage of the retargeting options available to you, too:

1. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Especially for those starting out with Facebook advertising (for example, small businesses that started offline), it’s an easy temptation to run “set it and forget it” campaigns.

You can’t do that if you’re going to make the most of your Facebook retargeting. For each stage in your sales funnel, you have to create a separate campaign—maybe several. The old adage that you have to touch someone seven times before a conversion still holds true, but the deeper truth of it is that if you give them content they’re NOT interested in, you might turn them off.

If your customer is still in the information-gathering step, don’t send them product offers. If your customer’s ready to purchase a product, don’t send them a link to your blog. You might still get a bump, but you need to tie each retargeting campaign to a specific stage in the sales funnel.

2. Create Dynamic Product Ads

If you sell a product, your best bet for retargeting those who’ve browsed your selection is probably a dynamic product ad. This Facebook specialty serves up a small gallery or carousel of the products that the person was already looking at.

Eighty percent of customers are more likely to make a purchase when they receive a personalized experience. If you’re utilizing dynamic product ads to touch potential purchasers or abandoned cart shoppers, you can capitalize on that.

3. Target Your Repeat Customers

Forty-one percent of United States e-commerce revenue comes from returning customers. That’s a staggering amount. Once people find a company or a store they like, they return to it, over and over again.

You can drive that behavior yourself by targeting past purchasers with news about new products, special offers, different services you offer, and upsells they might be interested in. Utilizing your knowledge of what they’re interested in already can help you build Custom Audiences that can help you narrow this even further.

Think outside the box a little bit, too—cross-reference interests with people who’ve purchased before to find those who are interested in a new product or service.

4. Remarket Based On App Actions

If you want a really interesting option for retargeting, use app actions. When you create an app specific to your company, you can target actions taken within the app and create campaigns based on those actions.

For example, you could send remarketing ads to people who had gone through a tutorial step to remind them of the different useful features your app has. Or you could reach abandoned-cart shoppers who’ve gone through several of the steps to purchase but not taken the final step, same as you could with a website. Make sure you’re going after mobile specifically, as you already know your customers are browsing mobile …

They downloaded the app, right?

5. Touch Base With Your Free Trial Users

Maybe you offer free trials for your software or service. That’s another super useful remarketing tool. Create a free trial user campaign—either while they’re on the free trial or when the trial has run out.

If you’re retargeting them while they’re still in the free trial, some good options can be reminding them when the trial runs out, or giving them a discount if they sign up now.

You can even give them an easy portal to enter their payment information to convert from the free trial to the full version. There are plenty more ways out there to reach them—the only limit is your imagination.

6. Send Relevant Content to Landing Page Visitors

You’ve been sending people to your landing pages, right? If you want to nudge people a little further down the sales funnel, try creating a retargeting campaign that serves blog posts to those people that are similar to the content they were looking for. It’s a great way to get them that little bit more engaged.

Remarketing is a hugely helpful tool in every marketer’s toolbox. You can make the most of Facebook retargeting—it just takes time, effort, dedication, and a willingness to try new things. With these tips, you can bring your Facebook retargeting game to the next level and make the most of the audience that’s already engaged with your content.

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