Long Overlooked IGTV is Coming To Your Instagram Feed…Whether You Like It or Not



First, the standalone app. Then, placement near Stories. Now, IGTV is coming to your main feed…ready or not.

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No longer content to wait for you to navigate to it, IGTV is coming to you. Starting this week, minute-long clips of Instagram’s live broadcast content will now be placed on your main Instagram feed.

This move was undoubtedly made to combat the relative apathy that the platform’s feature has thus far been greeted with. Launched last June, IGTV allows users to film and share up to 10 minutes of content (creators can share up to an hour of content there). Despite access being moved adjacent to the exponentially more popular Stories feature, usage still has not picked up. Apparently left with no other choice, Instagram has opted to simply not let you avoid it.

The challenge isn’t one of users being willing to watch mobile video: Instagrammers watched 60% more video as of mid-June versus the prior year, according to Business Insider. Rather, it seems to be one of enticement. While it’s possible that users could navigate to IGTV from the Explore tab or while swiping through Stories, few have. By placing these previews on the feed, Instagram is dangling a promise of good content—or so we’d hope—in a space where users are regularly interacting.

But this approach has its risks. The main feed is already chock full, between content from people users choose to follow, sponsored content and ads that users have less control over, and suggestions of Stories to watch. As users lose control over what appears in their feed, the attention that has been paid thus far could wane. As Engadget’s Nathan Ingraham put it, these previews are “yet another piece of content invading the Instagram feed that no one is really asking for.” We’ll have to stay tuned to see if more prominent placement will shore up its user numbers, or if its lack of viewers continues to hamper its growth.

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