How Data & AI Are Shaping the Future of Storytelling



Bookmark these #SMWNYC sessions and join us next month for enriching discussions on the influence of data and AI on our stories.


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It’s safe to say artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword and well on its way to permeating virtually every industry. In 2018, verticals like healthcare, legal, automobile, and agriculture leveraged machine learning and AI-driven platforms, tools, and applications to bring efficiency to their operations, fuel new innovations, and enhance customer experience.

In 2019 and beyond, this rapid growth is expected to continue as companies aim to extract further value and competitive gains from the data they gather.

By 2022, research firm Gartner forecasts that AI-derived business value will approach $3.9 trillion and decision support and augmentation AI technology will represent 44 percent of the total global AI market value.

How can we use data to better tell the stories that highlight our brands as the go-to options for our audiences? What are the best practices for testing and optimizing our stories? How can we utilize AI to understand competitors’ movements, personalize campaigns, and integrate the pioneering changes of the digital landscape into our storytelling tactics?

At #SMWNYC the world’s leading storytellers and brands will come together to grapple with these burning questions amongst others as part of our 2019 theme. Names to bookmark include Postmates, Entrepreneur, Linqia, Sprinklr, and Huge, whose panels will encompass a variety of tracks such as Data Decision Making, AI vs. Humanity, and the Future of Brands.

There’s still time to join these speakers and many more in New York this spring (April 30-May 2, at the Sheraton New York Times Square) at 10% off the walkup price– so act fast, and look toward a future of data-driven storytelling with us!

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