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A common goal of virtually every marketer is creating effective campaigns that move the needle. On top of constantly shifting audience interests and technology updates, they face budgetary constraints that add complexity to their day-to-day efforts.

While recent estimates find that by 2021 U.S. digital marketing spend will near $120 billion, at #SMWNYC we’ve programmed a lineup full of brands, agencies, platforms, and experts that will help stretch your campaign budgets while still achieving outcomes that are impactful as they are cost-effective.

Here are a few highlights:

1. Using Social Insights to Enhance Campaigns

What do your customers think about your brand? What are they saying and thinking about when it comes to your competitors? These are valuable insights an effective social listening strategy enables you to have.

In this session, hear from leading strategists at GMR Marketing, Rockefeller Foundation, Stella Rising and Relevant Sports as they share how they’ve applied social analytics to build consumer profiles, identify key influencer partnerships, develop effective event promotions, and capitalize on emerging trends to inspire successful campaign strategies.

2. Fueling Impact & Measuring ROI

76% of marketers claim that their biggest challenge in our ever-growing industry is measurement and ROI. As we look ahead, navigating this overarching issue will become increasingly important to securing measurable results throughout each stage of the marketing funnel.

Daniel Schotland, COO of Linqia, will explore this theme by outlining ways to structure influence marketing programs to maximize outcomes and providing tips for identifying the metrics you’ll need to evaluate your campaigns.

3. The Future of B2B: LinkedIn’s Perspective

What does “replication” mean in the B2B world and what is its importance? How can I develop sustainable B2B marketing business outcomes using a simple mental model?

Learn from LinkedIn’s Global Director of Marketing Development, Jann Schwarz, as he answers these questions while underscoring contrarian marketing concepts and trends that are not always obvious to the common marketer, yet nonetheless very powerful in shaping how we do marketing.

4. Improving B2B Marketing with Instagram

With each Instagram update ushering its way onto the scene, the connection the platform presents between your brand and audience members can easily be lost in the shuffle posing the fundamental question, how does my brand fit on this visual channel?

To help ensure your approach is refined and geared to drive better engagement, this Academy class will identify ways to use stories to increase engagement across our posts, opportunities for taking advantage of UGC, and how to analyze and apply Instagram Insights so you can amplify your brand’s voice.

5. UGC & the Agency Model

The digital era has introduced numerous changes to the advertising landscape — one of the largest being the democratization of content. With more and more people getting their hands on smartphones, agencies continue to seek ways to evolve with their audiences and shift their models so they can stay abreast of the pace that content travels today.

In this session, hear how to create scalable content without the need to dish out more dollars, and identify the best practices to keep top of mind when working with consumers.

Additional events you’ll want to bookmark include this Academy session that will detail how to monetize your company’s Facebook Groups. Earlier this month, we also announced our lineup for our first-ever Paid Social Summit that will shed light into new product updates, strategies, tools, and case studies that can improve our paid social strategies today.

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