Coming To A LinkedIn Feed Near You: Direct Uploads



Your prized presentations, whitepapers, and PDFs can now appear on your main LinkedIn feed thanks to the platform’s latest update.

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As LinkedIn has evolved to become a living, growing compendium of your professional experience, one of its most welcome developments has been the sharing of presentations, documents, and PDFs. Now, the platform is allowing you to share these professional artifacts on your main feed.

Although the feature has existed for years on a user’s profile, and was added to the site’s messaging function late last year, it has been a clunkier process to share things like PowerPoint presentations or PDFs without linking to an outside source or using a third party like SlideShare. Last week, the native sharing functionality debuted on the desktop edition of the site, with mobile functionality forthcoming.

The feature allows you to share these professional artifacts to your personal feed, to that of a Company page you manage, or to a Group of which you are a member. The goal, according to Product Manager Margaret Taomina, is to “spark deeper conversation” among users and their connections. She goes on to marvel at the quality interactions that have already resulted from the feature’s rollout, noting:

Documents and presentations are an impactful way to share knowledge with your community and ignite richer conversations on topics you care about. From conference presentations and whitepapers to case studies and playbooks, sharing presentations is a great way to break down complex ideas, tell stories by combining words and images, and allow you to go deeper.

Taomina closes the post by encouraging users to deploy this feature not only as an additional means to display professional competence, but as a way to share meaningful content with their colleagues: “We’re always looking for new ways to help you have valuable conversations, and look forward to seeing how you use this new feature to share ideas and learn from one another.”

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