Facebook’s Hope Cowan to Speak on Opening Day of #SMWNYC



Cowan will take the #SMWNYC stage on April 30 to discuss the opportunities brands have to partake in storytelling in the digital age.


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In a digital age where marketing has become fully democratized, we’re provided the convenience of accessibility and speed. At the same time, this transition has created an environment in which we face a surplus of information and businesses are dishing out billions of dollars fighting for seconds of consumers’ attention.

As a result, quality brands face a fundamental question — how do we rise above the noise? The short answer: by daring to be human.
On April 30, the opening day of SMW New York, Hope Cowan, Director of Creative Agency Partnerships at Facebook, will explore this theme as it pertains to brands and the opportunities our digitally-driven world presents for them to effectively connect with their customers and deliver on their purpose.

“Messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts.”

Brands can no longer survive without a thoughtful and genuine story. They must embrace the challenge of putting a positive dent in society through carefully considering the emotions, values, and ideas they want to be remembered every time a person engages with their content and, above all, what they mean to their audience beyond what they’re being sold. In short, creative brand storytelling boils down to pursuing the path least taken; the bigger picture story that can’t be replicated.

This approach is not only a “need to have” in the short term for maximizing visibility, profit, and impact — but efforts in creating consumable experiences that are memorable today will serve as an important marketing compass as you look to evolve your strategies in the years to come.

Given Facebook’s role in storytelling and the influence it continues to wield in our daily engagement with digital content, this session is a must-attend if you’re thinking about expanding your own practices and ways your stories can drive impact.

There’s still time to join Hope and 150+ additional speakers next week at Social Media Week New York (April 30 – May 2) at the Sheraton New York Times Square) – so act fast, and look toward a future of brand storytelling with us!

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