Getting to the Truth: Positive, Reliable and Trustworthy Storytelling



Join us at #SMWNYC next month where these sessions will explore the importance of positive, reliable, and trustworthy stories.


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In an era of fake news, it can be easy for storytelling to get caught alongside untrue or unsavory content.

A recent Gallup poll found that in 2018 only 45 percent of Americans claimed they had “a great deal or fair amount of confidence” in the mass media. While this figure showed signs of improvement — up from 41 percent in 2017 and 32 percent in 2016 — there is undoubtedly more room for growth.


At #SMWNYC later this month, we’ll explore the responsibility we as storytellers have to reverse the trend of increasingly fake and negative information as well as the opportunities we can embrace to spread positive content with the potential to shape the future.

Social media, data & the evolution of storytelling

Social Media Week’s Founder, Toby Daniels, will kick off the conversation breaking down this year’s global theme, which forces us to think about social media’s impact on storytelling and what we must do to create a future where the stories we share are truthful and offer a positive, lasting impression on society.

In a session hosted by Columbia University’s Marica Stepanek, experts in storytelling, journalism and civic tech will come together to discuss the evolution of hyper-connectivity, the future of storytelling for cause organizing, and new opportunities for cross-sector impact stories and cross-platform strategies to scale and sustain engagement.

Kenny Gold, Director, Social Media at Grey will leverage insights from a recent company study to explore what “fun” means in the digital age and what we can do to help build the foundation for a more uplifting, rewarding future for social media future

Lola Banjo, Strategy Innovation Executive for Salesforce, will focus her session around addressing how we can balance our desire to curate the “perfect” image with being our true selves and telling authentic stories.

It’s no breaking revelation that technology can be harnessed for good but simultaneously abused for evil. Join Brittany Kaiser, Co-Founder, Digital Asset Trade Association, as she breaks down this dichotomy meanwhile outlining ways we can own our data and engage in our own protection.

Establishing trust & ensuring integrity

Shiv Singh, Founder and CEO, Savvy Matters will center his session on how we accept and perpetuate fake news. Specifically, he’ll outline ways to identify exaggerated truths and avoid perpetuating these experiences as well as offer a retrospective on 2018’s misrepresentation across social media feeds.

Michael Treff, President, Code and Theory will discuss a variety of topics pertaining to notion of trust including methods for understanding what this term means today, the landscape of trust in brands and publishers, how brands should perceive the effect of safety as it relates to illegitimate content and how to identify good indicators of trust from a measurement perspective.

View the final agenda and grab your pass for our 11th annual event — our most expansive program to date — to guarantee your place before they’re gone.

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