A Brand Must Evolve to Achieve Personalized Storytelling, says Postmates SVP Eric Edge



“If you’re trying to change as a brand, put a plan in place to get there,” Eric Edge, SVP, Brand and Communications, Postmates


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Having a relationship with the consumer requires an evolution in the building of your brand. Consumer-led and data-driven storylines that are rooted in meaningful truths are what are contributing the most to the success of a brand.

But that does not happen overnight and telling your story is a must.

Eric Edge, SVP, Brand and Communications at Postmates shared how some brands are pioneering new storytelling techniques that audiences can connect to in a way they were not doing so just five years ago.

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At #SMWNYC 2019, Edge reminded people that advertisers and marketers have implemented storytelling for decades. “You can’t be a good marketer if you do not have that skill,” he quipped.

Storytelling tools

In modern-day advertising, there are more tools to tell stories in far more engaging than they have been in the past. One of Edge’s favorite methods? Video.

As an example, Edge talked about the well-known “Halal guys” in New York City, that started their business with pop-up stands and have used platforms like Postmates to grow city-wide.

“We used video for them to tell their story as immigrants coming into the country, getting an interesting start, using platforms like Postmates to expand their business, and now being a massive restauranteur in the city,” Edge described.

Aside from engaging, and sometimes emotional, storytelling, Edge says that Postmates determines success on a case by case basis, depending on the market.

“If we are new to the market, my main goal is to drive awareness and getting people to consider us as a partner for their on-demand needs,” he said. Emphasizing the particular importance of that strategy in a big city like NY, he said: “I want to make sure we are top-of-mind.”

Storytelling is important and so is personalization

Customer or consumer expectation has evolved to include content that is personalized and specialized to their likes, needs, and tastes —literally when it comes to Postmates.  The company’s main focus is providing food delivery from a variety of places through an app., or at the touch of one’s fingertips.

Knowing that, Edge says another one of Postmates’ brand goals is to stay true to itself, “I know we all say that, but truly ask yourself if you’re being authentic.”

He called for an examination of what represents your brand. Is it humor? Not always.

“Don’t go there just because you see an amazing brand like Wendy’s doing amazing social. That’s not you. You many not be Wendy’s and you have to be okay with that,” he said.

Instead, Postmats focuses on its own voice and tone, which Edge defined as clever without being condescending or sassy, as that would not work for it in the same way it works for Wendy’s.

“If you’re trying to change as a brand, put a plan in place to get there,” he concluded, stating that a brand has to evolve into itself to achieve storytelling in a smart way.

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