Accenture’s Guidance for Driving Moments of Success: Put Down the Tech



“When we think about moments that matter, I encourage everyone to first put all the tech and platforms down, and look at it from the perspective of yourself.” — Accenture’s Robert Harles.


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With technology always growing and changing, it’s easy to get lost in the frame. Prioritizing your customer and their needs matter most, Accenture Digital’s Robert Harles told listeners during his #SMWNYC session, “Focusing on the Moments that Matter: How to Blend AI, Data and Experiential Design.”

“Brands have become integrated into the lives of customers. When they are in the moment shopping, they can intercept, give them content and put out messages, and social [media] is helping us do that in all kinds of ways and experiences,” said Harles.

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But how do you create lasting impact in context?

“That’s one of the hardest things to do as marketers — how do we do that better, and make sure the customer doesn’t get lost in the fray?”

The Love Index Survey

Accenture Accelerator studied customer impact and sentiment through their Love Index Survey. The study looked at the experiences buyers have in the moment, from research and discovery, to when they actually go shopping with the intention to buy something, all the way to check-out and register.

And they found that the moments are ongoing, even after check-out and receiving their order. It’s about what keeps them coming back?

The totality of experiences is not just basic customer relationship marketing (CRM), but what Harles calls “digital kisses on the cheek.” Every digital and real-life interaction, from when the customer first browses your website to when they decide to subscribe to the service or product, is relevant and matters.

“The experience customers want is to feel needed, understood, and that we know what they want. That we’re listening. How many of us as marketers really think about these experiences?”

The bigger picture: Moments that Matter

At the session, Chetan Kumar, Strategic Partnerships, Salesforce NA, Accenture Interactive, demonstrated this sentiment using Salesforce and Accenture Interactive app technology and data social studio tool.

They looked at the Love Index Survey to determine the “moments that matter” — every engaging inflection point along the customer’s journey from research to purchase and delivery.

“Social listening capability can track social sentiment — the capability to directly engage with and make the experience right,” said Kumar. “These are the moments that matter for the customer — how they felt during the whole retail experience.”

Accenture called their framework the “Customer Experience Engine” (CXE) a rich starting point that enables it to sort of “leapfrog” through months of data flow and collection, leveraging an existing system and accelerating market speed.

It frees an organization to focus on customer centricity. It enables full transparency of the whole customer journey in real-time.

Forget the tech

“As digital technologists, we have to think about human experience and sentiment as number one always. We worry about reach frequency, and less about real impact,” finished Harles.

“When we think about moments that matter, I encourage everyone to first put all the tech and platforms down, and look at it from the perspective of yourself. What do you really want when you walk in a store, or surf a website? Those are the things that really matter.”

Listen to the Leads2Scale episode featuring Robert below:

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