Emogi: How Brands Can Have Intelligent, Creative Conversations



Emogi CEO & Founder, Travis Montaque, stopped by #SMWNYC to share his insights around using conversations to drive action and sentiment, spike real-time moments, and more.


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Colorful stickers and expressive emoticons have been around for decades in simple chat/text messaging. More recently, action-packed gifs, fun geo-filters and expressive emojis have been helping people express their “feels” in the digital space. But the future of messaging is transforming, becoming more of a creative canvas for brands, media companies, influencers and creators.

Enter content engine Emogi, a mobile app which helps add color to your digital conversations.

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Emogi CEO and Founder Travis Montaque tells #SMWNY attendees at Conversation as a Canvas: The Future of Content In Messaging that it’s all about delivering the right content in the right context, at the right moment in time.

Conversational content + intelligence

Brands can and should leverage their tools–from social to artificial intelligence–in order deliver to consumers the most relevant experience. So brands and fans can, simply put, have a better conversation.

Emogi analyzed mapped everyday moods with psychologist Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, a color-based framework that measures varying degrees of human emotions. They found that the types of emotions people experience around the world are generally the same, but the ways people express these emotions are very different. Content should try and capture the entire range.

“Consumers are talking about a lot of different things in their conversations, things that happen in the real world,” says Montaque. “We are able to target these with precision, and offer the best content.”

Conversations spike in real-time moments

For example, conversations on topics from Game of Thrones to Marvel’s Avengers spike around the time these films and episodes are being released — people are talking, tweeting, hashtagging about it. And this chatter correlates to box office sales, and behaviors happening in real time.

According to Emogi research, 84 percent of all content sharing is driven by smart, intelligent recommendations — search “Captain America,” “Ironman,” or “Arya Stark,” and the relevant gifs/stickers/emojis that should instantly pop up.

“It’s massively important to enable users to receive content effortlessly — it’s not enough to just have it available, but have an effortless experience,” Montaque emphasized.

Citing classic marketing examples from Snickers’ “Are You Hungry?” campaign, to McDonald’s breakfast food sticker ads in the morning, when content is developed at the right time, inserted in the right place, it drives top awareness.

Mood drives action and sentiment

With the Snickers campaign, consumers were 2x more likely to share Snickers’ content and sticker emojis when they were feeling excited. The campaign received over 42mm+ impressions.

Impressions are most successful when brands act/push out content when people are feeling most excited, hungry, beautiful, etc.

What now?

Conversing both creatively and intelligently is key. Staying on top of these conversation means understanding the way people communicate in different environments, to convey where they are, what they’re experiencing and how they feel.

Conversation interfaces happen everywhere — from the workplace (ex. Slack) to gaming and dating platforms (Twitch, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc.) — and they are surprisingly unintelligent when it comes to importance of user privacy and safety.

“When it comes to privacy, most consumers have an innate trust in the platform that they are using — but when they are thinking about protecting their privacy, they are concerned more about the person on the other end of the conversation,” says Montaque.

It’s important to be great stewards of data, as to not risk overall security and consumers’ trust.

Beyond being in the right place at the right time, brands should maintain the rich uniqueness of every conversation — so that users can keep talking about your product.

“Your conversation is your personal canvas,” finished Montaque. “Emogi is here to provide a palette to make it richer. We are there to provide a bit of color.”

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