Fyre Festival’s Viral Star, Andy King, Speaks Out at #SMWLA



Join Andy at #SMWLA to hear how he’s embracing virality to drive positive impact.

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Following the debut of the Netflix documentary, “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened,” event producer Andy King found himself in a humbling position — one that presented him with the difficult challenge of embracing virality and failure to create a positive impact.

In a candid interview on June 12th titled, Keeping the Fyre Alive: A Conversation with Andy King, he’ll walk #SMWLA attendees through the story about how he became an overnight celebrity following the film’s release and how, ever since, he’s remained committed to wielding his platform as inspiration for the events industry and beyond. More specifically, he’ll describe how a fundamental shift in mindset has enabled him to address issues most important to him and his business, Inward Point. These include environmental sustainability and zero-waste production.

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For those unfamiliar, Fyre Fest was a two-weekend musical festival scheduled to take place in the Bahamas in April 2017. Despite promises of idyllic immersive experiences, including exclusive yacht parties and luxury housing and cuisine, the festival quickly became a federally investigated fiasco subject to a class action lawsuit when attendees were greeted with left-over hurricane tents and no live music.

Join us at #SMWLA where Andy will explore:

  • How Fyre Festival — a highly publicized, influencer-backed experience crafted entirely using social media — ended up being an undelivered dream
  • How he’s using his newly-amassed audience as a force for good by launching an initiative to support production sustainability
  • How it felt to become a meme overnight and how he’s dealt with the influx of attention
  • How he feels about our current influencer culture and how Fyre Festival shaped his perspective

There’s still time to join us at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica June 12-13. Browse the current agenda and stay tuned for our full lineup being published next Tuesday, May 21st. Secure your pass by Friday, May 24th to take advantage of the current discount before it expires.

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