Here’s How Weibo Builds a Growing Market for Both Influencers and “Peppa Fever”



During #SMWNYC Socialgist’s Kaylin Linke discussed the company’s partnership with Weibo and Streetside offering tips and best practices for reaching consumers and working with brands.


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It’s not just the “Twitter of China.” Weibo is a globally-known social platform with powerful data insights and a huge, growing Asian-Pacific market.

With 462 million monthly active users (as of 2018), Weibo is also a major social tool with a huge reach for building brands and key relationships.

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How can companies leverage this major tool to reach their global audiences, access public social data, and bolster their own marketing strategies? How can they reach the growing Asia-Pacific market?

At Socialgist’s #SMWNYC session on Weibo — China’s largest public social network — Kaylin Linke, Head of Solutions Architecture, talked about Socialgist’s partnership with Weibo and Streetside and the importance of partnering with influencers on multi-channel networks (MCNs), best practices to reach consumers, and how brands can serve as a good go-between.

Weibo has a young audience — and thousands of social influencers along with it

There are more users on Weibo than on Twitter and Snapchat. That’s 70 million new Weibo users — and 200 million data users — since Q4 of 2018. According to Streetside data, 80 percent of monthly Weibo users are between the ages of 18 and 34, and 93 percent use the app through their mobile device.

There are also 27,000 agencies part of Weibo’s multi-channel networks, acting as the go-between between the influencer and over 1.5 million business/brand accounts on Weibo, and there are astoundingly over 700,000 influencers on Weibo.

With tools like Weibo Stories (similar to Instagram), Hot Search and Discovery, Weibo is also tuned in to how its users and social influencers communicate — particularly with posting photos and sharing videos.

Linke also talked about Weibo’s We Media program, a marketing platform for attracting influencers and followers. It provides both brands and influencers a toolkit from discovering content — what people are talking about — to putting together individual, original posts.

Finally, Weibo emphasizes creative conversations, from 70+ new video pages — covering everything from fashion to finance, and building communities within these interests. This is where brands and ad campaigns show up and work their magic.

“This is the way to create the influencer-network relationship,” Linke explained.

#WhatisPeppa: How a British children’s cartoon inspired a viral movement

Weibo’s vast social reach also has the power to inspire viral movements. A major Weibo ad campaign from earlier this year, “What is Peppa?” showcases Peppa the Pig, a British cartoon very popular amongst Chinese youth.

Streetside’s tool analyzed the data streams, from #WhatisPeppa hashtags to conversations about Peppa online, and consequently discovered “Peppa fever” — people REALLY love this cute little pig.

Capitalizing on this conversation, Weibo launched a promotional film around the Lunar New Year holiday, “Peppa the Pig Celebrates Chinese New Year,” just for the Chinese market. Just 2 days after release, the promo video had already surpassed 1 billion views on the platform. It clearly resonated strongly with its audience, with themes of family and love.

All over the platform, people were sharing their emotional reactions to the video, which features the loving relationship between a grandparent and his young grandchild.

The campaign also proved that when people strongly connect to and truly feel something, they are likely to share it — whether that’s online, through social, or by telling their friends about it.

At the end of the day, the most important goal to achieve is getting “people to share their sentiments,” underscored Linke. 

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