Marketers and the Rest of the World: Tips for Remaining Culturally Nuanced from GroupM’s Kieley Taylor



“There is tremendous opportunity to learn about ourselves in the world,” — Kieley Taylor, Managing Partner and Global Head of Social, GroupM

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Automobile company Chevrolet forgot about their Spanish-speaking audience when they came out with their Chevy Nova. How so, you ask? “No va” translates to “doesn’t go” in Spanish.

United States-based brands have to remember the rest of the world, GroupM‘s Managing Partner and Global Head of Social, Kieley Taylor advised, as well as the diversity within their own countries.

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In order to remain culturally nuanced, Taylor shared several key and easy points to consider.

Do your homework

Taylor brought up tools like WARC and e-Marketer that allow brands to research markets, regionally and on a global basis.

Researching trends and insights create the possibility to connect to people’s passions across borders. And brands should be paying attention to the varying aspects of people’s day-to-day around the world and how different cultures integrate social media into their life to better relate to them.

Different platforms in different regions

Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and other social applications are networks we may know, but may not all be using them as much or in the same way as the rest of the world, Taylor reminded us.

According to Taylor’s findings, the future of messaging lies in messaging powered by augmented reality, gaming, and chatbots. With that, messaging will continue to develop into a tool for brands as mobile phones continue to evolve.

A Venn diagram of interests

Be aware that while markets can be very different, there is still room to reach a wide audience with a shared interest.

Taylor pointed to influencers, for instance.

“Think about the Venn diagram of people that are influenced by [a particular] person,ÔÇŁ she said, emphasizing that there needs to be a balance between the voice of the brand with the authenticity of the influencer in order to reach the audience.

Taylor also suggested that brands to consider communicating with images and/or video in markets with foreign language as visuals are more universally understood.

The future of the rest of the world

Through some research of her own via Kantar, a leading data, insights and consulting company, Taylor found that the future retail world is gearing toward some eye-opening changes and statistics.

These include that eCommerce will be the largest, single organized trade format around the world, owning the distribution of 27 percent of global organized retail and 20% of personal care products.

Additionally, Latin American countries like Brazil and Colombia are poised to override the current retail giants that are the United Kingdom and Sweden, respectively. India will be almost equal to China. The U.S., China, India and Indonesia combined will represent 50 percent of retail growth within the globe.

“There is tremendous opportunity to learn about ourselves in the world,” Taylor said, even if we cannot be in all those places at once, or in the same way.

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