Mastering Social Media the Spectacular Way



If it makes somebody cry, if it makes somebody laugh, it will make somebody want to re-share what you have. I focused on content like that. — Spectacular Smith, CEO, Adwizar

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A critical part of advertising, social media facilitates the ability for a brand to reach millions of customers globally if it is done right.

After nine years of building social media accounts from zero to millions of followers, for over 100 celebrity clients, Entertainer and Adwizar CEO, Spectacular Smith, knows a thing or two about the steps and tools necessary to perform well with social media.

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He discussed the strategies he tested with different accounts, how he found a system for monetizing a following, and why he believes they can be useful to anyone looking to do the same.

Not a traditional Marketer

Adwizar was a spinoff project for Spectacular, starting off on Twitter while he was on tour in 2009. He essentially discovered that he could make money from tweeting and that he was good at it.

Spectacular began selling advertising that could garner high social media traffic by first building a large following. “Building a massive following, you’re able to post a link and [people] click on it and advertising will be on the website, and you actually make money off of that,” Spectacular explained.

Though this may sound like common practice in the present day, what is different for this marketer that he was not just tweeting about a specific product.

Instead, Spectacular was using a strategy in which he figured what the sentiment behind a given account was and what the audience would be like, as a result.

Figuring out what type of content strikes the emotion of an actual person who is following [your account]. If it makes somebody cry, if it makes somebody laugh, it will make somebody want to re-share what you have. I focused on content like that,” he said.

Once he mastered that, he explained, he was able to make pages go viral, earning him the moniker “The Godfather of Influence” and eventually allowing him to work on celebrities’ social media presence.

Momentum is still important

Although Spectacular has finessed modern-day marketing strategies, he touched on things that are still beneficial within marketing, albeit traditional.

When he began selling tangible product, he still used social media as an element of the marketing.

Spectacular said he started off with relatively well-known influencers and asked (and paid) them to hype a product up.

But after time, people were wearing it and he no longer had to pay them as they wanted to keep up with the trend.

“Start from smaller tiers,” he said, noting that word of mouth still helps.

It was that technique that has allowed Spectacular to sell over 1.2 million within the first 30 days of launching a given product from scratch.

In the present day, Adwizar is a service-based company that can set a client up with a social media team to break down content, analyze it, report back, and set up a personalized strategy “from 90 days out” to help replicate Spectacular’s past results.

What are the requirements to work with Adwizar?

“Believe in your product. We have to know that we mesh as a team. It has to be a win win win for everybody,” he said.

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