Mobile Messaging Is The Way Forward For Small Businesses, says TapOnIt CEO Katie Wilson



Founder and CEO of TapOnIt, Kate Wilson and Marketing Guru, Investor and Author, Bonin Bough discussed how TapOnIt helps cut through the clutter of promotion and uses messaging to boost local businesses. 


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For a local and small business to survive in the 21st century is a challenge in itself. A company needs to have access to as many elevation tools as possible in order to thrive. Eighty percent of small businesses fail within the first 18 months due to lack of access to both capital and these tools.

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During #SMWNYC, Bonin Bough, Marketing Guru, Investor and Author, Bonin Ventures, disclosed how local businesses are under attack by showing that 10 percent less small businesses will be created this year compared to last year.

The first coupon

This is where TapOnIt comes in. Founder and CEO, Katie Wilson took to the stage and provided a brief history lesson. “In 1887, Coca Cola distributed the first coupon.  They gave away 8.5 million free cokes in the first year and this was before the time of bottles and cans, so they were all interaction-based services.” The Great Depression saw coupons used and over time, with the introduction of Groupon, 90 percent of consumers say they’ve used coupons at some point in time.

However, coupon sites like these, as well as fast food services — who expand local restaurant’s reach — take a large portion of revenue from these transactions and, if you’re a small business with little funds, you end up giving away the majority of your values and unable to pay the bills.

Even on Amazon, zero percent of the money goes back into communities and local businesses.

Tapping into SMS

TapOnIt works as a promoter via SMS. It sends messages — though not in bulk — to those who wish to opt in, promoting the latest deals and promotions local businesses have to offer. They are redeemable coupons that encourage interaction and work on the fundamental that every offer has the main offer and a bonus offer. The main offer can be shared online in order for the consumer to gain access to the bonus one. This is what drives traffic and allows TapOnIt to monitor progress and track data in regards to increases in revenue. All the money recirculates within the community.

The messaging service has been so successful that it’s seen some consumers, not making decisions until they receive an SMS from TapOnIt. They then base their consumption on that. TapOnIt advertises in a form that changes consumer behavior with immediate impact and effect.

Messaging is the way forward

Message marketing is the way forward for small business and for those wanting to improve their reach. “Humans are visual,” Wilson stated and it’s true: human brains process images 60,000 times faster than words. When 49.7 percent of emails are considered to be spam, and 99 percent of text messages are opened — 90 percent of these within three minutes of being received — it makes sense to utilize the device that we breathe in like oxygen for promotion: our phones.

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