Salesforce and Twitter’s Vision for the Social Media Era: Personalizing and Driving Customer Connections



Mansi Pedgaokar, Senior Product Manager at Salesforce, shared her insights on how tomorrow’s customer experience is here today. 


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General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) is a difficult but vital concept. Social data is a key ingredient in personalizing the customer experience. Interaction shares the stage with content creation and, as a recent study at Salesforce identifies, 52 percent of social marketers in a B2B base share their metrics with sales. The question when faced with this statistic becomes: how should brands react to this in order to navigate their own effective marketing path?

Diana Helander, Head of Marketing and Data Enterprise Solutions at Twitter, explains how Twitter’s work with the airline KLM enabled the company to “capture customer touch points” so that they could measure their consumers’ priorities and better care for them.

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She stressed how research around this sort of level of engagement and interaction can lead to a 3 to 20 percent increase in revenue impact per transaction.

Social media as a leverage for customer relations

Social platforms operate as incredibly beneficial leverages for customer relations. When working with email campaigns, it’s important to adhere to regulations and it’s the same with social. “They provide marketers with guardrails in which they can work,” Helander said, “Twitter is a public platform but it is a priority to make user privacy first and foremost.”

Taking into account how a customer is using social media and their sentiment enables companies to make informed decisions when approaching new and existing consumers. Social provides a real-time survey.

In order to prepare for cross-channel social personalization across Sales, Marketing and Service, Frank Cerda, a Social Media Strategist from Rackspace, believes it’s important for brands to infuse their tone and aesthetic into their customer exchange. Essentially, this bodes as “soft selling.”

Brands are interested in engaging with audiences because they’re driving conversation and culture. On Twitter, 79 percent of users follow a brand.

Social media as a trend catalog

Social media acts as a trend catalog thanks to the hashtag and can predict possible future trends too. It is a trove of information and the worlds largest focus group.

One of Rackspace’s clients is Feeding America, a hunger relief organization. Cerda explained how the team directed traffic to Rackspace simultaneously by creating a short video about the charity with a brief piece of text covering their work with them. A single post earned them 1 to 2 percent engagement rate. “With more interesting content, we reached 7 percent so we know to continue creating that type of content,” Cerda noted.

What’s Next

In terms of the future, Cerda believes that marketing will see a massive shift in the direction of personalization. “It has to happen. All businesses need to catch up and do better with capturing customer data, too. Why should I have to continue giving my number to a brand to understand my needs? It should be a natural progression.”

Helander agrees. “When you take social out of its limited silo and start to help other groups within the organization connect to the story that it’s telling about your customer, particularly when you connect it through the customer record, you’re able to better understand how to build upon the experiences your team are having but more importantly putting the customer at the center of everything you do.”

It appears it is more important than ever to let the customers and data tell the story. Not the other way round.

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