SocialBakers’ Golden Rule for Results-Based Social Strategies: Understanding Your Performance



Global Head of Enterprise Solutions at Socialbakers, Bob Gearing, offered his advice on how to use social media effectively as a brand in order to maintain a strong social media strategy during #SMWNYC.


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Socialbakers was founded in 2008 and has since grown to have 13 offices around the world, over 500 employees and over 3,000 clients. With their database, they help brands decipher what is and isn’t performing well online for them and create a strategy that consistently performs well.

During #SMWNYC, Global Head of Enterprise Solutions, Bob Gearing, offered his advice on how to use social media effectively as a brand in order to maintain a strong social media strategy.

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He noted that 51 percent feel brands send too much irrelevant content, 56 percent feel B2C brands need to understand their needs and 61 percent marketers believe they engage their audience with the right content.

With these statistics in mind, he mapped out the key elements of a successful strategy:

Understand your audience.

Use audience-first marketing to identify what they like, listen to, talk about and respond to so you can create content accustomed to it. Generation Z is the main target audience for online marketing.

Identify what platform works best for your brand and what type of content on it, too.

Each platform has a different voice — as marketers, it’s important not to get lazy and blast the same content out on all channels. The same format won’t get the same results on all of them. Facebook has the most day to day users but Twitter has the most activity, as brands use it like a 24-hour customer service line. The highest user engagement is on Instagram, though.

Be authentic and stay true to your brand’s sense of self and ethos.

Follow your fans and follow the right type of people who you essentially as your network. Audiences gravitate toward compelling and relatable content. Content that makes sense and isn’t too dissimilar to reality. They seek relevance.

Develop and decide on a strong strategy.

Personas (people who like the same type of content), CRM solutions, eCommerce Data and analytics are great, but you need to use all of these to tell a story. If you don’t understand your data then you can’t compare with competitors. Socialbaker takes inside Facebook data over the top of your Google Analytics data so over time it can tell you what audiences like and interact with.

Once you have your content strategy defined, be tactical about how you reach it.

Link social back to ROI: list API and data next to sales data and listening data so you can build an attribution model to tie it back to ROI.

It comes full circle: a results-based social media strategy is about really understanding what you should post, when you should post, and who you are wanting to engage with. However, if you don’t understand your performance then you’ll remain at a standstill.

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