Storytelling at the Pace of Pop Culture: A Conversation with Ira Madison III



Madison III joins us on the final day of #SMWLA to explore the evolution of creativity and how to maintain your voice and message in the process.

All sessions from #SMWONE, our four-week virtual conference program, are now available on-demand.

In our digital-first world powered by social media, change is fast and constant—and there is a continual pressure on marketers and their partners to keep up (or miss out on critical opportunities to grow and engage with target audiences).

On June 13th during SMW Los Angeles, Ira Madison III, American TV writer and podcaster, will join Bevan Mahaney, award-winning Creative Director at Grey West, for an enlightening conversation around staying relevant and evolving your creative strategies and how to maintain your voice and message in the process.


This session is part of a series that Social Media Week is hosting with our Creative Intelligence Partner, Grey, the first of which we hosted in New York City last month with Casey Neistat. A final event will take place later this year during the forthcoming SMW London conference, 31 Oct – 1 Nov.

In an environment where platforms rise and fall in popularity on a daily basis, user behaviors fluctuate one direction then another, and strategies shift from impactful to ignorable overnight — how can brands, publishers, agencies and personalities keep pace and ensure their strategies are adapted accordingly?

Madison will leverage his experience in building the fanbase of the Crooked Media pop culture podcast, Keep it! in order to address such questions. Debuting in January 2018, the series has already amassed critical acclaim and over 1 million downloads per month. His secret to success? Being consistent in his pursuit to stay abreast of cultural trends spanning music and pop culture race and politics while not losing sight of his authentic image. In turn, he continues to hone his professional image and sustain a genuine fandom.

Madison’s work can also be found on MTV News, GQ, and New York Magazine, amongst other outlets. He was recently named #39 on The Root’s 100 Most Influential African-Americans of 2018.

There’s still time to join us at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica June 12-13. Browse the full agenda and secure your pass by Friday, June 7th to take advantage of the current discount before it expires.

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