Using Data-Driven Digital Experiences to Better Understand Customers



At #SMWNYC, Jonathan Yaffe, CEO and Co-Founder of AnyRoad, and Lauren Ford, Events Manager at Brooklyn Brewery, shared how they use data-driven experiential marketing to better understand their customers.


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Each year, thousands of people visit Brooklyn Brewery, experiencing their favorite beer learning about the iconic brand first-hand—but, until the brand started understanding their customers and target market, valuable insights were walking out the tasting room door.

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At Social Media Week New York, Jonathan Yaffe, CEO and Co-Founder of experiential marketing platform AnyRoad, and Lauren Ford, Tasting Room Programming and Events Manager at Brooklyn Brewery, shared how they use data-driven experiential marketing to better understand their customers.

The ROI of experiences tend to be better than just social media

“Offline experiences can be measured on social media in terms of impressions”, said Yaffe, “but this is only part of the puzzle.”

We are shifting from a ‘things’ economy to an ‘experience’ economy. People are posting on social media about experiences, but the ROI of experiences tends to be better than just social media.

Yaffe explained that he founded his company AnyRoad because “there was no system that could take the data from these experiences, make it digital, and use it to bridge the offline and online.”

Experiential Relationship Management (ERM), can be used to better understand customers, from the point of registration to asking for a review.

The importance of storytelling to engage customers

For Brooklyn Brewery, great tours are changing people’s minds and consumption patterns. Ford shared how tour guides are given structure and a set of facts but encouraged to use their own words and personality to tell the story to visitors. A key benefit of asking visitors to complete surveys before leaving means that the brewery can identify the relevant tour guide and who’s being the most effective. In addition, the data captured throughout the event, from registration through to review, allows Brooklyn Brewery to better understand their customers and continue to engage with their customers in the best possible way.

Using social media to complement the offline world.

Ultimately, “social media has its boundaries in impacting peoples behavior,” said Yaffe, and the best way to use social is to complement what’s happening offline, in the real world.

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