When It Comes to Video, Talkwalker Swears By the EIE Model: Engage, Impact, and Entertain



“Be the next Elon Musk for video marketing,” Grossman told #SMWNYC attendees after sharing his insights around creating high-performing, invigorating digital content.

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We are consuming 1.06 sextillion bites of data every day, according to Todd Grossman, CEO for the Americas at Talkwalker.

With that being the case, the odds of going viral are slim and unrealistic. We should be strategic and focus on KPI’s instead.

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A picture is worth a thousand words but a one minute video equates to 1.8 million of them. It comes as no surprise that audiences find videos easy to emotionally connect with. Nintey-two percent of people who engage with videos share them with others. For example, the Game of Thrones trailer announcement received 154,000 shares to date in article format on a well-known entertainment site, whereas the video content on the same site received 237,000 shares.

Below is an overview of the pragmatic approach for creating invigorating digital content that Grossman laid out:


Beneficial KPI’s to have are: video views, engagement rates,  sentiment and pick-up by top-tier publications and social media accounts in your industry. Whilst video views are vanity metrics, they are always important to know.

Key considerations when publishing videos

Ask yourself these questions when putting out your video: how does it perform on different channels? What format should you use? How does it compare to previous video campaigns from your existing company? How does it compare to other companies in terms of being able to do benchmark and industry standards?

Don’t overlook UGC

Your own video strategy is amazing but earning natural, organic spread user-generated content from videos you’ve produced or that they’re producing and mentioning your brand name is even better. The best KPI’s for these include: audience segments, potential reach and by channel.

With regards to hidden-bran mentions, Talkwalker has added video recognition earlier this year that allows you to analyze the content of videos to detect your brand logos in motion. It works incredibly strong with AI technology in order to gain insight and achieve results. AI-driven technology recognizes 300 percent more brands than tech monitoring alone

Video recognition enables brands to detect logo fraud and the value of sponsorship deals, for example during match games for Pepsi. 

Recognize what you want to achieve from your brand when it comes to video.

The EIE model (engage, impact and entertain) model works well here. People will never forget how you made them feel and Gen Z is a great target audience for video. They often are the ones most likely to create content back, too.

Grossman concluded with an encouraging sweeping statement: “Be the next Elon Musk for video marketing.”

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