Social Listening in Sports Marketing Can Create the Loudest Cheers, per Talkwalker



During #SMWLA, speakers from Talkwalker and the Milwaukee Brewers explored how social listening and other tools can enable sports marketers to hit a home-run in 2019.


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Social listening can turn “brand noise” into brand insight, competitive intelligence, and sponsorship engagement. It is no different in the sports marketing world.

During #SMWLA, Marla Grossberg, Consumer Insights & Strategy Director for the Milwaukee Brewers, and Nate Bonsignore, the West Coast Regional Manager at Talkwalker, sat down to discuss how social listening and other tools can enable sports marketers to hit a home-run this year.

The strategic role of social listening

Because social listening has become more vital to a company’s social strategy, many companies have tried to incorporate this tool. Still, Grossberg talked about her past within companies which were not doing so successfully, despite establishing go-to social media and measurement employees.

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“The problem was they weren’t embedded in the teams. They didn’t understand what the brand’s issues or problems were and folks on the teams didn’t understand the tool or social media listening, so they didn’t know how to use [it]. It was this great thing, but it was under-utilized,” Grossberg said.

With an understanding that social media can sometimes be “chaotic or misplaced,” Grossberg elaborated on how brand teams are using social listening to overcome that.

Incorporating social within marketing teams

For starters, with the Brewers’ brand, social media is incorporated within the marketing department.

The Brewers brand also uses Talkwalker’s ability to monitor what is happening in their social channels to gain insight on both what users think about campaigns, products, events and the like, and to gauge the brand’s awareness of their consumers, too.

“We found that Talkwalker served two different needs for us that we didn’t even realize,” Grossberg said, “One was about innovation and inspiration for giveaways. Another one was about sponsorships…Talkwaker was a phenomenal way to add value to those partnerships.”

The opportunity

Considering that the sports industry is estimated to hit $80.3 billion dollars by 2020, as Bonsignore mentioned, there is literal value in finding ways to stand out from a social listening perspective.

Making product, content, and event decisions that will appeal to consumers is the ultimate, great result.

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