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During #SMWLA, Noam Cadouri, Head of Revenue & Data Partnerships for Reddit, was joined by Kaylin Linke of Socialgist, for a conversation around how brands can take advantage of Reddit’s fan communities.


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Reddit is the fifth largest website in the United States, with 150 million users domestically, and 330 million worldwide. They have a dedicated user base, with an average time on site of 16 minutes. So how can a brand navigate this space to successfully learn about their fans, engage with the community, and promote their products? What options are available?

During #SMWLA, Noam Cadouri, Head of Revenue & Data Partnerships for Reddit, was joined by Kaylin Linke of Socialgist, for a conversation around how brands can take advantage of Reddit’s fan communities, which addressed these questions amongst others.

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It’s All About Community

The first thing to understand about Reddit is that its focus is the community. “We’re about bringing community and belonging to the world. That’s the mission of the company. That’s the thought behind every product release” said Cadouri.

With 135,000 individual communities, there is something for everyone. You’re likely to find fans already online talking about your brand and your competitors. These conversations provide valuable information that can inform marketing decisions.

“A lot of brands today tout the word ‘community’ — it’s almost like a buzzword, you hear it everywhere. And I think what is really special about our site is we’re a collection of communities. That’s what Reddit is.” explained Cadouri.

What Does this Mean for Brands?

Reddit is place where brands can better understand their fan community, engage with people who are passionate about their products, and learn insights about their vertical. To break it down, brands can engage with Reddit in three basic ways:

  • First, brands can “Perceive” – they can analyze the conversation around their products in order to gain insights into their consumer. Listening to organic fan conversation and analyzing the sentiment can help brands build a consumer profile, understand their product’s strengths and weaknesses, and guide marketing decisions.
  • Second, brands can “Engage” – they can find communities that are applicable to them, engage in conversation, or set up an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a brand representative or influencer.
  • Third, brands can “Promote” – this usually takes the form of paid advertising or promotional partnerships facilitated by the Reddit team.

Remember to Respect the Community

Reddit has a community culture that brands should be aware of when creating a presence on the platform. As a brand, you are entering a conversation already in progress and want to make sure to make a positive impression.

Cadouri’s advice to brands on Reddit is this: “Similar to how you’re thinking about engaging with strangers, these people are on our platform and already talking – so just be mindful of what they are saying. If you just walk into a room full of strangers and you blast out a message… ignoring what people are saying, that kind of rubs people the wrong way.”

What about the Data?

If you are a brand marketer, you may be wondering – what kind of data and analytics can Reddit provide? Reddit has a strict privacy policy and will not provide any data that the user did not share publicly. However, Socialgist works closely with Reddit to provide an analysis of the available public data, and the Reddit ad sales team can provide audience segments for advertising purposes – based on the target you’re interested in.

In a landscape where brands talk about community but rarely achieve it, Reddit is a great place to find your fans and engage with them authentically.

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