At VidCon, Pinterest Unveils Growing Support for Video Pins



It seems fitting that Pinterest would announce its revamped support for video at Anaheim’s VidCon.


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Since its inception, visually-driven platform Pinterest has been largely driven by static images and their propulsion across the site.

But now, in a VidCon fireside chat with Pinterest’s Chief Marketing Officer Andréa Mallard and USA Today’s Jefferson Graham, they’ve revealed that they, too, are pivoting to video for business in a few key ways. Below, an overview of the major changes unveiled during their conversation:

“Seamless” Direct Uploads

In the past, video shared across the platform was pulled from an external source, like YouTube or Vimeo. As of this announcement, there’s now an easier way for that video to live directly on Pinterest.

For brands who worry about the look and feel of video shared elsewhere, this is a welcome update; however, given Pinterest’s lack of support for alternate video captioning, consider ensuring that any uploaded video has captioning included natively. This way, your new pins will be accessible to as many viewers as possible.

Dedicated Video Tab

Speaking of accessibility, a dedicated video tab is coming to business accounts, making video content easy to distinguish from static pins. This way, if you have a set of videos that are designed to be watched in a given order, it will be easier for users to find and sequentially view them. The occasionally scattershot nature of pin discovery doesn’t always guarantee this; it’s a welcome surprise for the company to provide this.

New Video Analytics

Mallard did acknowledge in her talk that video does continually surface and resurface, which can make discovery challenging without a dedicated tab. However, this reality can increase a video’s longevity—which their new tool for video analytics seeks to quantify.

The tool, again available for business and company accounts, affords “access to data on lifetime views and insights into their performance of their videos over time.” The result? Continued easy availability of data, despite an at-times disorderly distribution of content.

Pin Scheduling for Video

You may not have a sense of precisely when viewers will get to see your videos, but you’ll have more control over when it’s released than ever before. Pin scheduling for video was introduced at Mallard and Graham’s chat, allowing you to upload and then time the release of video content. Currently, pin scheduling is available for up to two weeks in advance of your desired posting time; the precise time for video-based pin scheduling wasn’t stated at the event.

There is a clear trend in business communication toward video; SproutSocial’s 2018 survey indicated 70% of businesses were planning to focus on it as a cornerstone of their strategy this year. Finally, halfway through the calendar year, Pinterest is offering the tools needed to do it well natively.

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