Nielsen Extends Its Consumer Insight Into Podcasting



Podcast advertising is growing at five times the rate of direct response, and a major media player is rising to provide the insights necessary to succeed.

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Nielsen has long been a household name for advertising insights; after cornering the market for television, they’re making their foray into providing similar insight for podcasting.

The move is a natural one for the company; MusicOoomph reports that recognition of podcasts hit a new high in 2019, and just under 1/3 of Americans listen to podcasts each month. Moreover, ad revenue from spots placed in podcasts soared to 514 million dollars in 2019 and is projected to surpass 650 million in 2020. This means that strategic ad placement can make a tremendous difference on your bottom line.

To that end, Nielsen’s insights are dedicated to ensuring that ad placement is powered by data. “For the first time, clients will be able to profile shows using program titles collected from our subscribers, in other to connect specific types of listeners with particular advertisers and specific program-level insights,” their announcement reads. Their listener intel come from a sample of 30,000 respondents, who responded to targeted questions about 12 podcast genres. As a result, Nielsen can now offer over 2,000 retail and “plan to buy” categories including automotive, home improvement retailers, quick service restaurants, insurance, and many more. These incredibly detailed reports will be available to subscribers twice a year.

Several podcasting powerhouses, including iHeartMedia and Cadence13 (the advertising arm for Stitcher) have already signed on as clients, likely hoping to push their influence in the medium ever higher. “As our business continues to expand, and the abundance of ways that people are listening across multiple platforms continues to amplify,” said iHeartPodcast president Conal Byrne, “it’s imperative that we have the tools necessary to accelerate our business and have a deep understanding of what motivates over a quarter of a billion of our monthly U.S. listeners.”

It’s important that a major media insight company like Nielsen has moved into the podcast market. It marks a continuing shift in where consumers are putting their attention, and by extension an industry’s capacity to meet its buyers there. Nielsen Audio’s managing director Brad Kelly is inclined to agree: “As the audio landscape continues to evolve, podcasting is winning the attention of American consumers as another powerful tool in audio’s arsenal.”

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