3 Steps to “Instant” Ad Placement on Snapchat



With a 4 million user increase since the start of the year and growing interest in their new offerings, the company’s making it easy to revisit Snapchat as an advertiser.


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In the last couple of years, Snapchat has gone to great lengths to recapture its onetime dominance…and its efforts are finally paying off. Their next step? Bringing advertisers back in full force, and their latest tactic wants to make their return as easy as possible.

Instant Create ads (available at this time only for Snap Ads) are designed to “make Snapchat advertisers accessible to smaller advertisers who may not have the time or resources to try to understand new ad formats.” Those wanting to do more elaborate work can use “Advanced Create,” but this streamlined format aims to capture those looking for a low barrier to entry.

What will you need to take advantage of this new format?

A Defined Objective

What do you want users to do as a result of seeing your ad? For an Instant Create ad, you have three choices: web visits (traffic directed to your website), app installs, or app visits. Users can select which one is the most appropriate goal for the ad they’re building, and the tool will adjust accordingly.

This initial definition not only guides Snap on how to position later parts of the ad building process, but it forces the ideal user of this Instant Create tool—smaller, overtaxed, or inexperienced social media managers—to think through the objective of their campaigns. Once you know what the ad is supposed to do, the rest of the process (copy crafting, calls to action, targeting, and even design) becomes considerably easier.

Your Desired URL

For web visits, you’ll only need to submit the URL you want to drive users to. App installs and app visits are only slightly more complicated, requiring you to include an app icon and links to where the app can be found in the App Store or on Google Play. Along with this, you can include a headline, call to action, caption, or logo.

A benefit of designating these URLs upfront is that images can be pulled from your site. In the event that an advertiser didn’t have the time or capacity to create graphics, Instant Create would pull from where these assets already exist on the Web. Want to add your own assets? This is easy to do at this stage, and will populate an ad with more sophistication than the plug-and-play version.

Targeting Goals

Instant Create requires you to define, at a minimum, your target demographic, location, budget, and duration of visibility. If you’d like to break your prospective audience down further, Advanced Targeting lets you define a smaller goal winnowed by interests, custom audiences, or type of device.

Given Snapchat’s resurgence in the market, the audience you’d be targeting is now considerably larger than many doomsayers would have you believe. After three consecutive quarters of negative growth, they grew their user base by 4 million people earlier this year, and are even raising a new $1 billion to address debt and eye additional acquisitions. So if you moved away from the platform when its base started to atrophy, or have never explored it as a space for promotion before, there’s no better time to explore the platform.

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