PODCAST: The Neuroscience of Storytelling with Aoife McGuinness, Neuroscience Consultant at HeyHuman



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We are excited to announce the first round of leaders who will bring our 2020 theme HUMAN.X to life at the Broad stage this June (17-18).

This week’s episode of Social Media Week’s Leads2Scale podcast features Aoife McGuinness, Neuroscience Consultant at HeyHuman.

During the conversation, Aoife discussed:

  • Her time as part of the Innovation team at HeyHuman where she began her research into multi-sensory overload and its effect on marketing
  • Some of the mistakes that brands are making in regards to their approach to storytelling
  • Common misconceptions that people have when looking to understand what’s really going on in our brains when we engage on social media.

Aoife also provided a preview of her upcoming Social Media Week London session where she will reveal new insights and neuroscience-focused research findings into the future for storytelling. Specifically, learn how to apply storytelling techniques to different social media platforms, how to create content for the demands of always-on but want to switch-off audiences, and much more. Secure your pass today and take advantage of our current discount before it expires!

Listen to the full episode below:

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