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Join Caspar and Ben on Friday, 1 Nov during #SMWLDN as they explore the power of first-party data and the future of social advertising!


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On average marketers feel they’ve tapped into only 47 percent first-party data’s potential though 67 percent anticipate realizing their first-party data goals in the next 18 months or less.

On Friday, 1 November, during Social Media Week London, Influencer’s Caspar Lee and Ben Jeffries will participate in a fireside chat and explore the ways marketers can harness first-party data and how it will shape the future of social media advertising.

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Ahead of their session, we sat down to ask them about the biggest misconceptions about influencer marketing, key characteristics of meaningful brand partnerships, insights for traditional brands entering the social world, and more.

SMW: Influencer marketing is a buzzword that the vast majority of brands have come to know but often don’t quite understand or use to full effect. What is the biggest misconception marketers hold about influencer marketing and the opportunity it presents?

CL & BJ: There are a number of misconceptions about the influencer marketing industry, but the one that recently we have been discussing a lot internally is reach; the belief that influencer marketing is all about audience size.

Of course, sometimes the audience size is important, especially if it relates to your KPIs. However, at Influencer, we believe that in order to best measure their campaign success, brands should instead be focusing on the metrics that indicate highly engaged communities, purchase intent and increased sales. Instead, what indicates that someone is influential is much deeper metrics; saves, shares, clicks etc.

Metrics that show true engagement and brand relevance. These are the metrics that we are currently encouraging our clients to focus on!

Instead of simply enabling brands to buy an influencer’s time and account access, your business is all about creating lasting bonds and helping improve marketing campaigns. What are the key characteristics of a sustainable and meaningful partnership you’ve observed?

Our aim is to create meaningful relationships between brands and creators and we believe that there are a number of defining features when it comes to fostering and growing these partnerships.

The most important is authenticity; relationships between brands and creators must be authentic to both parties. Influencer marketing is run on trust. Followers trust the creators they follow to only promote brands that they truly believe in and in a way that is authentic to them.

With trust comes the ability to collaborate well and openly share ideas with one another to produce the best results for everyone involved. The Influencer platform builds these meaningful relationships by facilitating a space where brands and creators can exchange ideas around campaigns and content.

For traditional brands, who are crossing over to the social media marketing world for the first time, itis hard to know where to go and which platforms to use. What piece of advice would give to them as they navigate this new space?

One of the main pieces of advice we can offer is before starting your social media marketing strategy is to define what your key goals are. This will allow you to choose the platform best suited to you, measure campaign success and put together a strategy for the future.

For example, if you’re looking to raise brand awareness, we would recommend working with Instagram content creators, to produce content that can be easily amplified to your target audience across most social platforms.

Our industry is experiencing a clear and distinct sentiment shift around notions of privacy that is redirecting even the most established tech companies. Regulatory bodies around the world are supporting this reorientation as privacy legislation becomes a more ubiquitous component of our online environment. Do you feel brands have a responsibility to harness their influence to drive a new privacy-centered culture?

Yes, they should hold a sense of responsibility. Of course, brands need data to target their key audiences and be efficient in the deployment of their resources. However, we feel they also need to be respectful of people’s personal lives and ensure the data is handled confidentially and only used where necessary.

Most people are aware of the notion of being ‘watched’ by some of the big tech companies. Brands should be doing what they can to reduce the feeling of invasion within society. Whilst huge brands and platforms bare the brunt of responsibility to change this culture, those they sell the data on to too also play a role.

What are some key examples of brands tapping into first-party data to drive more personalized and targeted campaigns that foster long-term customer loyalty?

At Influencer, we recently ran a campaign with Vans, which used first-party data to maximise authenticity. We asked creators to tell us their experience of the brand, including their fondest and oldest memories and providing any examples that highlighted their relationship with Vans. Creators were then selected based on their responses.

Knowing that the creators had a previous and genuine relationship with the brand and product allowed us to select the creators that would produce the most authentic content and whose followings would reflect the brand’s target.

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