3 Tools to Improve Your LinkedIn Ad Targeting Efforts



Sharpen your campaign targeting strategy with an enhanced forecasting panel and Boolean logic.


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Boasting 645 million members worldwide, it’s no secret that LinkedIn has become a hub for powerful data around professional and career insights.

From lookalike audiences, interest targeting with Bing search insights, and audience templates, the company has heavily invested in helping businesses navigate their campaigns and is increasing its efforts with new tools targeted to help marketers improve their reach and harness actionable insights to improve their strategies.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Improved campaign forecasting and audience intelligence

LinkedIn has revamped its campaign forecasting panel in Campaign Manager so advertisers can have more easy access to the general make-up of its target audience without having to venture from the main dashboard. There is also the new ability to customize the panel to filter by top industry, years of experience, or company sizes for your audience. Here’s a quick visual illustrating how it works:

The major benefit here is two-fold: not only can you be ascertained you’re serving ads to the people you’re wanting to target, but you’ll have added insight into how to refine your content on an ongoing basis so it can better resonate and align with the interests of your audiences.

“Since we gained access to this feature, we have been able to assess the makeup of our targeting and ensure our ads would get in front of decision-makers,” claimed Tanner Stolte, account executive and media buyer at Elite Digital Group and an early user of the tool.

Greater outreach precision with boolean logic

Separately, to help advertisers refine their target lists, the platform is introducing ‘and/or’ qualifiers to ultimately combine profile facets in a single campaign.

“‘And/Or’ targeting enables you to reach more of the right audiences through more sophisticated combinations of profile facets like job function, seniority, and titles — all in a single campaign,” explained Director of Product Management, Abhishek Shirvastav, in the official announcement.

He then offered the example of a target people using a combination of both director seniority and the finance job function. Originally, this was only achievable through browsing for directors in finance roles. Now, however, you can use one campaign to cast your net to directors at any job function in addition to people sitting in finance positions of any seniority. Put simply, you get the convenience of added flexibility when determining the types of professionals that are seeing your ads.

For additional guidance, you can refer to this how-to tutorial:

Demographic reporting insights

In a third notable update, LinkedIn is adjusting its demographic reporting options to account for more specifics into who is responding to your campaigns. More specifically, which audiences are watching your video ads, filling out your Lead Gen Forms, and opening your Sponsored InMail messages.

“Demographic reporting has been one of our most popular features because it helps you see the types of audiences clicking and converting on your ads, based on professional characteristics like company name and job seniority, Shirvastav underscored.

With these details, you can have a more meaningful understanding and a picture of the value that is resulting from your efforts and where strategic adjustments are needed. In conversations with internal teams including executives and Sales colleagues, you can directly point to who your quality leads are and how they need to be communicated with in order to retain them.

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