How Purpose-Driven Storytelling Can Be a Force for Good: Insights from National Geographic Partners



Heggie joins us opening day of #SMWLDN to explore actionable tips for telling your purpose driven stories on social.


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Today sixty-five percent of global consumers are making belief-driven purchases, a 50 percent year-over-year increase.

More than ever, consumers are looking to brands to be a voice for good in the world. From another recent report, sixty-percent of consumers are looking for brands to make it easier for them to see their values and propositions as important issues — a notion that can be summarized by the phrase “belief-driven buying.” Put simply, this term refers to a consumer that chooses principle over product when engaging in purchasing decisions.

On 31 October, the kickoff of #SMWLDN, we’ll take a hard look at this topic during a session led by Nadine Heggie, Vice President for National Geographic Partners. During the conversation, she’ll distill key insights from the last year and explore the fundamental ways the brand looks to social platforms as tools for offering unexpected ways to engage consumers.

Leveraging success stories from previous work with global partners, she’ll specifically point to best tips and practices around leveraging social media’s influence as a force for good in the world and identifying the right partnerships for your story, and the important principles to keep in mind as you share your stories across social channels.

Given the momentum of this movement, opting out of purpose or sustainability is no longer a viable option. Brands with an authentic, well-communicated purpose will continue to consistently outperform others as this consumer trend evolves. Taking a stand isn’t just about doing what’s right; it’s increasingly become what’s best for business, too.

There’s still time to join Nadine and many more speakers 31 Oct. – 1 Nov. at the QE II Centre – so act fast and join us for our biggest UK event yet! Browse the full agenda and secure your pass online for a discount off your full conference pass!

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