6 Trends to Help Your Brand Connect With Culture in 2020



The platform analyzed billions of tweets from January 1, 2016, to June 30, 2019, and created an immersive website distilling key themes and trends underpinning cultural shifts.


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With consumers demanding transparency, personalization, and authenticity, it is more important than ever for brands to develop their campaigns around shifts in consumer behavior, beliefs, and key cultural moments.

In support of this, Twitter analyzed billions of tweets from January 1, 2016, to June 30, 2019, and worked with CrimsonHexagon, Talkwalker, and cultural insights experts at CrowdDNA, to condense them into 6 overarching themes underpinning fundamental shifts in U.S. culture.

These reflect notable growth areas across several topics including gender equality, creator culture, DIY spirituality, and future technology, and were packaged together in an immersive website, each with a dedicated ‘Trend Pack’ offering further insight and data through hashtags, emoji sentiments, and tweets.

Here are a few highlights from the findings:


A happy, sustainable life remains a top cultural priority, however, specific interests have evolved to emphasize the inner-self causing people to take a close look at definitions of “well-being” and “self-care.”

Health tracking continues to gain traction in conversations with its definition expanding beyond wearable devices—like Fitbits—to apps that explore DNA testing, manage sleep, and monitor bodily rhythms. A growing number of people are interested in learning about alternative health therapies and treatments stemming from evolution and nature in lieu of quick fixes. Finally, a greater number of dialogues around emotional openness, empathy, and acceptance compared are taking place compared to those centered on the physical body.

Every-day wonder

There is a declarative fascination with plants, climate change, extreme weather patterns, as well as spiritual energy and healing. “The more people learn about the universe, the more in awe of it they become,” Twitter explained. Conversations around cosmic fascination are up 34 percent.

Mentions of nature, exploring and extreme weather are up 71 percent, and discussions around healing, energy, and astrology in relation to spiritual practices jumped to 168 percent while those around “New Age” practices like yoga, chakras, Zen and mindfulness are in decline.

One Planet

People, businesses, and communities are increasingly seeking actionable solutions to make our world a more sustainable one. Self-care or the idea of “the ethical self” is synonymous with world care supported by findings including growth in conversations around environmental veganism of 235 percent during the period studied.

Talk of climate change is taking precedence, especially amongst younger generations, with people demonstrating a desire to change their lifestyles to protect the earth, and corporations facing heightened expectations to demonstrate to consumers their commitment to the environment.

Creator Culture

The creative arena is expanding. Alongside artists, writers, and musicians, newcomers including makers, builders, and entrepreneurs are claiming their seat at the table. With this shift, creativity is mainstream and effectively blurring the lines between passions and professions and reorienting our industry around notions of work-life integration.

What people create is the new social currency evidenced by a growth in conversations pertaining to what people create (204%). Lastly, new platforms, formats, and technologies are fueling an unprecedented level of collaboration, especially among video-based communities.

Tech Life

Technologically has reached an important inflection point where people have more questions than answers, yet they remain excited about the unknown possibilities in creating a more connected, efficient, and expanded world.

From mixed realities and virtual environments to smart homes and autonomous vehicles, future technologies deliver us blended realities with promises of fulfillment and connectedness as well as angst.

A standout stat from the report underscoring these themes include conversations around tech ethics grew 179 percent, those around tech and connectivity increased 230 percent, and discussions of a fourth industrial revolution skyrocketed 340 percent.

My Identity

Today’s digital landscape is a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and people finding the confidence to be their full and true selves by making their own rules.

New communities are emerging with a lending hand from pop culture fandoms. Through these groups, individuals are more easily able to ascertain who they are and authentically engage with others. Definitions of gender are being challenged opening the door to discussions of equality and self-acceptance.

Binary labels are being stripped in favor of promoting an agenda of positive stereotyping driven by self-acceptance, representation, and equality. These conversations saw a 468 percent increase spanning subtopics of work, sports, and entertainment.

“We’re sharing these insights to help marketers stay on the leading edge of culture, and get a deeper understanding of what’s starting to matter more to consumers. Our goal is to inspire powerful and award-winning campaigns in 2020,” said Twitter.

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