4 Ways to Explore the Future of E-Commerce and Consumer Marketing at #SMWNYC



Browse the current agenda and be sure to bookmark these 4 must-attend sessions as you map out your conference itinerary.


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We recently published more our #SMWNYC 2020 lineup including our closing keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk. With less than three months until the event, we want you to be fully armed with the knowledge you need to start your conference planning.

Below are a few highlights of sessions we’re particularly excited about that will help you explore the future of e-commerce and consumer marketing and how they’ll drive the discussion around our theme, HUMAN.X.

🛒 Instagram Shopping: The Digital Window Display

Each month 130 million people tap on an Instagram shopping post to learn more about products. For businesses, this shift has introduced new approaches to the marketing mix for showing off products and boosting sales including photos, images, captions, and videos.

Hear from Rishi Magia, Instagram’s Global Creative Lead for Instagram Shopping, as she explores how consumers are shaping their interactions and behavior around the newfound Instagram shopping ecosystem and actionable ways to bring together community and creativity to better understand your audience.

📺 From Commerce to TV: Building a Modern Media Business Around Premium Brands

The industry faces a fundamental shift toward revenue diversification. For media players, this means carefully considering their audiences and balancing their needs across commerce, streaming, and advertising. What it doesn’t mean? Jumping on every hot trend bandwagon.

In this session, gather the steps to creating a cohesive strategy for building a revenue stream that is informed by your business’ core values and identity and is supported by your audience’s habits and needs from Vox Media President Pam Wasserstein.

💝 Having a Heart and Driving Growth: Combining Art and Science to Make a Difference

Marketers commonly hold creativity and data as binaries — the former associated with ideas and storytelling and the latter related to data and performance analytics. Instead of viewing these as opposing forces, brands who have been successful in the long-term are adopting a new perspective. Improved content isn’t possible without “science” but for it to be effective it must be supported by human connection.

Join Grubhub’s SVP of Growth, Alex Weinstein, as he takes a closer look at ways we can prioritize content that resonates with people on deeper levels while still driving customer growth and retention.

🛍 Performance Marketing for Commerce Marketing

Mobile has inverted the shopper’s journey and DTC brands have dominated the retail space virtually changing the way we consume products. Some refer to them as disruptors for their ability to sell directly through mobile devices — bypassing traditional sales models and eliminating the “middleman.”

Learn from Rachel Tipograph, CEO of MikMak as she offers the insights you’ll need to craft creative content and approach performance marketing even if you’re not a traditional DTC company. Specifically, she’ll walk through the ins and outs of driving e-commerce conversion through impactful creative and actionable approaches for optimizing your media.

There’s still time to join us at the Sheraton Times Square this May (5-7). Browse the full agenda and secure your pass online today for a discount off the walkup price.

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