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As one of the world’s leading conference series, Social Media Week has an undying commitment to equipping community members with the tools, insights, and practices for shaping their business in profound ways that positively define the industry and enable them to advance their careers.

This year, with the global theme, “HUMAN.X: The Future of Marketing Will be Human-First and Experience-Driven,” SMW Hamburg will bring its unique perspective into how we can influence, impact, and change people’s lives by bringing humanity back to marketing. This will primarily involve our obligation to respect consumers’ time and attention, foster meaningful connection through empathy and shared experiences, and create safe and trustworthy environments for interaction.

We sat down to speak with the organizers of SMW Hamburg about the forthcoming event, what sessions have the most intricate ties to this year’s theme, which partners and brands they’re most looking forward to working with, key questions that will be addressed in their specific SMW edition, and much more.

How does your overall agenda tie into this year’s global theme?

The overarching goal #SMWHH 2020 is to provide ideas, campaigns and brands with a stage that deliberately focuses on people, their interests and needs when creating content, in order to create digital experiences that are fundamentally relevant and have a positive impact on their lives.

What are some of the key questions that will be addressed during your edition of SMW?

  • How can brands better interact with customers and fulfill their demand for sustainability?
  • What does “purpose” mean in the digital marketing space and why is it important?
  • Which social media platform is right for me / my company and how can I most effectively measure my results to improve my performance over time?

What session is your team the most excited about?

We’re excited about our entire program and everything there is to unpack but three sessions, in particular, we are especially proud of include:

  • HUMAN.XXX VR Porn and the intimacy of the future:
  • Social Media and Gaming:
  • Hamburg Airport Goes Podcast:

Together, these will shed a light on very important subjects spanning the tension between technology, sexuality and humanity, how gaming is shaping social media platforms and consumer behavior patterns, and actionable ways to bring podcasting into your business approach.

Which partners or brands are you most excited to be working with this year?

This year we’re partnering with a number of platforms and companies, some new and some familiar faces, including LinkedIn, Hamburg Airport, Linkfluence, and Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa).

What are some local trends you are seeing in your market?

Emerging technologies ranging from VR to AR to XR are all making a splash in our market and we’re eager to continue the role they’ll play in marketing efforts as the year continues. Separately, we’ve seen the explosive eSports industry first-hand in Hamburg and is having a great impact on the local market namely as a means of bringing a social element to gaming that users appreciate.

Lastly, it should come as no surprise but influencer marketing is on the rise as is the case with many markets around the globe. One of their biggest benefits is allowing brands to connect with audiences more authentically. They will continue to be a valuable business asset as companies look to rise above the noise.

Where can potential attendees find news and updates about your conference?

  • SMW Hamburg Blog:
  • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @smwhamburg
  • LinkedIn: Social Media Week Hamburg

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