How HBO Max Will Use Originals to Drive Brand Awareness



Join Peter and Linda at #SMWLA to hear how HBO Max is approaching the competitive streaming space with strategic content marketing and original programming.


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We face a fundamental shift in the entertainment marketplace and as we turn the page to a new calendar year, the competition continues to steadily play out. Established industry leaders like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime are seeing the rise of new players that include AT&T’s WarnerMedia, NBC Universal and smaller, more niche-audience oriented services like Crunchyroll and Shudder.

During #SMWLA, join Peter Sherman, Vice President of HBO Max Programming at WarnerMedia and Linda Ong, Chief Culture Officer at Civic Entertainment Group as they take a close look at how this is shaping consumer behavior trends and presenting major advertisement implications.

With the Streaming Wars businesses are faced with uncertain strategic blueprints yet must still navigate critical decisions, namely, whether they should prioritize subscriptions over advertisements as a primary source of revenue. In response, more services are escalating their ad spend as a means of staying ahead in an increasingly crowded category. The primary driver for these decisions? The consumer.

Subscribers are choosing their bundles more wisely weighing factors such as how much they want to pay each month for the value of the content they receive and the number of services to which they’re willing to pay monthly subscription costs. In this vein, Sherman and Ong will explore the role of original content in brand-building, broader content marketing techniques that are being applied to attract, engage and retain, and the power and importance of content marketing in forging lasting connections.

There’s still time to join Peter, Linda and many more exciting speakers this June at Social Media Week Los Angeles (June 17-18) at The Broad Stage – so act quickly, and look toward a future of original content marketing with us!

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