4 Tips to Skyrocket Your Instagram Engagement



Building engagement can be as simple as having consistent aesthetics and practicing social listening.


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Most digital marketers understand the need to have an Instagram account—at least in theory. The platform is used by 37% of US adults, as well as the brands wanting to connect with them. This has made it a prime spot for digital advertising: marketers estimate the platform will be earning as much as $15 billion from ads in 2021

In this hyper-competitive social media landscape, utilizing all aspects of Instagram at your disposal is key to standing out amidst the crowd. And what you need to look for to measure success is engagement: the real measure of whether your profile attracts people interested in what you have to say. Improve your odds with these four tips on getting the engagement you need—with or without ads.

1. Establish your visual branding

Ask yourself: what makes your profile memorable? Are you putting the amount of time and resources you have to good use? Setting the parameters of your Instagram profile’s visual branding saves time in the long run as it gives you an easy set of guidelines to follow for future content. Include:

  • Post formatting for feed photos and Instagram stories
  • Instructions for using the brand logo
  • Brand-specific graphic elements (such as borders and font styles)
  • Profile photo styles
  • Preferred emojis or special characters

Image Credit: Lush Cosmetics via Instagram

By defining these beforehand, not only does it make it easier to think of what to design for your future posts, but it also emphasizes a consistent image in your audience’s minds. That way, whenever they see one of your posts in their feed in the future, they can immediately associate it with your brand—account name not needed.

2. Keep consistent aesthetics through color

Do you want your brand to appear composed and professional? How about minimalist and modern? Fun and quirky can work, too—it all depends on what’s been defined in your wider digital marketing strategy. As Instagram is a hotbed of visual stimulation, the content most pleasing to the eye gets big rewards.

Image Credit: Tiffany & Co via Instagram

At some point, however, Instagram content can look very similar. To combat this, play with your defined brand colors in all the ways your know-how. The more creative, the better. Vary your posts by adding a branded border to one post, or a stark contrast in another. The idea is to make a variation of posts that functionally look different but are tied together by similar elements—in this case, color. 

Having a good photo editing app on hand makes this significantly easier. But don’t forget to apply this to your Stories posts, too!

3. Practice social media listening

Social media listening, put simply, is doing your research. Keeping your eyes peeled for current and upcoming trends, seeing what people are saying about your brand, and building a community through interactions are all under this umbrella of activities. 

This has the potential to skyrocket your engagement by letting you find the pulse of conversations just waiting to happen. Posting about the right things at the right time, with the right context, keywords, and hashtags can bring you to the epicenter of a trend.

Instagram already has several built-in features that can help you do this. Just recently, an update allowed you to see the Instagram Stories tagging your brand in ‘Creator’ mode, which you can then click on to view and easily share. It’s much more convenient than letting notifications pile up in Direct Messages. The Explore tab also shows some of the top hashtags on Instagram and accompanying posts, which you can then skim through to see what key influencers in your industry are talking about. 

4. Use effective social media tools

To evaluate just how much engagement you’re getting, and find ways to improve that, you need the necessary tools. Using the right social media marketing tools and software saves you time by making content creation quick and painless. Here are a few we recommend trying: 

  • Buffer – One of the most popular social media tools out there, Buffer is an extensive scheduling tool that also allows for multiple account management and team setups. 
  • Iconosquare – Iconosquare is an Instagram and Facebook analytics tool great for those who want a more granular look into regular performance for reports. 
  • Made – Want to make great Instagram stories without much of a fuss? Made is a photo and video editor that houses trendy templates for great Stories posts on-the-go.
  • Instasize – One of the original social media photo editors, Instasize is a creative toolkit allowing for extensive photo and video editing options (available on iOS and Android). 

Final thoughts

Remember to tie Instagram into your digital marketing strategy, stay confident in your brand, and interact with your followers. Improving your profile’s Instagram engagement does take time. But by laying the correct groundwork through brand-building and utilizing the right tools, you can easily skyrocket your engagement numbers headache-free.

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