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Looking to shape up your COVID-19 influencer strategies? This report has you covered including ways to find an authentic content theme for your brand.


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Social media culture and audience behavior has shifted in a very short amount of time. Now that almost every team is effectively communicating internally on desperate WFH schedules and has had time to note what competitors and like-minded brands are doing, it is time to devise your social treatment plan.

Albeit difficult to navigate, the brands and creators that are winning social now are those that are listening to their followers, customers, and fans, and in turn, creating on-the-pulse content that is authentic and resonates at scale.

How are they doing this? By leveraging a mixture of social strategies that span from putting their audiences at ease, to encouraging escapism with humor.

To better understand these shifts, we partnered with Social Studies to take a closer look at the top brands and influencers winning the social space including how they’re encouraging audiences to feel empowered during a time of uncertainty and help the greater good.

What You’ll Learn From This Report:

Download this report to learn:

  • How to find a content theme that is authentic to your brand
  • How to identify diverse and credible creators that can amplify your content
  • How to use influential voices to share your up to date responses to this new climate, ultimately inspiring new audiences and garnering key insights

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