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With Vimeo Create, you can make high-impact social videos in minutes and share them across all of your social platforms.


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Gone are the days where video is deemed a ‘nice to have’ in a marketer’s strategy. Brand goals and company size aside, this powerful medium is one that is required in today’s digital landscape to connect on a meaningful level. However, there are numerous challenges to making quality video at scale including lack of time and money. This especially holds true for small businesses.

Vimeo is harnessing the power of video and making this medium accessible to businesses of all sizes. Most recently, the company launched a short-form, high-impact, video creation tool, Vimeo Create. Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, Vimeo Create is a brand new resource for making high-impact social videos, in minutes.


With Vimeo Create, available on desktop and as an app, businesses are able to choose from pre-made, professionally curated video templates customizable to their specific needs. Alternatively, more advanced users can take the experimenting even further by opting to start a new video from scratch, integrating their own video footage or selecting from millions of stock photos, videos and royalty-free music.

After the video is finalized, marketers can automatically tailor the content for each of their social channels in distinct versions depending on the format and aspect ratios needed: square, vertical or horizontal. Specifically, sharing is available across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


A number of brands have already onboarded to Vimeo Create. At a high-level, those utilizing the app point to an assortment of opportunities spanning content diversification, greater audience reach, and the creative ability to offer relevant, on-the-pulse content that resonates at scale.

Vocal, for instance, a platform with a mission to deliver storytelling tools, uses Vimeo clips paired with their own in-house visuals to help creators get discovered by engaged communities and gain support for their projects. This requires agility and the functionality to craft multiple creative messages targeted to different audiences. With Vimeo Create, Vocal’s 500k+ creators can use the platform to promote their own stories with attention-grabbing assets.

Other businesses taking action to put their video strategies in motion include Lot 54 and start-up Supermaker, a new school media community providing content and community for startups and creators. A key theme they share from their experience is the ability to easily and efficiently diversify content and stay on top of the trending conversations that matter most to their brand.

“A tool like Vimeo Create will exponentially help small growing businesses like us because it allows us to diversify our content and keep things fresh for our customer base and potential future customers,” — Matthew Linman, Owner, Lot 54

Now more than ever marketers are turning to alternative ways to stay connected in an age of social distancing. New tools allow businesses to focus on creative insight and communicate meaningfully at scale, and eases some of the challenges presented by the modern video format. Vimeo is committed to empowering businesses and brands with the tools needed to create videos that drive business impact.

Get started on your new video strategy by trying Vimeo Create for free.

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