Moving Forward Together: Tracking COVID-19’s Impact on Influencer Marketing



Open Influence is dedicated to making sense of the uncertain shifts and transitions resulting from COVID-19 from sentiments and emotions to posting activity.


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It’s safe to say there is virtually no industry that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19. This global pandemic marks arguably what is the first time we have truly banded together as a global society to address a crisis with unprecedented unity and focus. We are in this together, despite the fact that we are all impacted in different ways and we are separated from each other.

As we continue to navigate what is happening in our businesses and chart a course that takes us to a place where we can reimagine the future of our industry, many are looking to influencer marketers to navigate the disruption. By nature the industry is resilient, built on creativity and innovation, and accustomed to radical change. If one thing is clear in this storm we currently face it’s that humans are moving forward and so are brands — purely by fueling human connections inclusive of compassion and empathy.

Open Influence is dedicated to making sense of the uncertain shifts and transitions. Leveraging technology, the company is tracking the current coronavirus conversation allowing professionals to stay up to date with the latest resources and trends necessary to inform their most important decisions.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what exactly is being traced:

Post activity:

Open Influence analyzes hundreds of thousands of sponsored posts across social media platforms as well as a large sample of organic posts from influencers actively engaged in campaigns with the company.

Consumer sentiment:

A major focus for not only marketers but a variety of other businesses is grasping the sentiment and emotional changes of their audiences during this extraordinary time. Open Influence’s tracker monitors for these changes over time using conversations with the hashtag #Coronavirus — looking at updates week by week and based on a full month.

Platform activity:

Unsurprisingly, social media platforms are experiencing record-levels of activity, particularly around topics labeled under the umbrella term “new normal.” On Twitter for example, Open Influence’s tracker shows a spike since February 15th of conversations using the hashtag #StayHome.

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